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Changes the base food in the game to make it worth using. Adds over 30 recipes. Reduces food and wine weights. ADDS Alchemy to Cooking Spit and Stove (Not campfire mod) Adds 20 more Cooking Stoves at each Inn.

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1/1/2017: Fixed Clam meat from selling super high. Fixed Sweet rolls from draining Magicka. Added 2 recipes: Creep Cluster Ramen and Nordic Barnacle Clam Soup.

Hey guys, more updates soon! For now, I made a Salt mod. Feel free to grab it if you need more salt for cooking! Sea Salt Deposits

Version 3.3 Adds new features: Moon Sugarcane added to world. About 20 wild growing cane can be found in the Marshes of Morthal and at the hot spring areas of Bonestrewn Crest. Also can be found randomly in barrels etc as they are added to the Leveled Lists. 3 Moon Sugarcane is required to make 1 Moonsugar under MISC at the Cooking Spits.

Added a few more butter churns. I only saw 3 wtf. So I added 5 or 6 at farms. One outside of whiterun, one at the farm outside of Solitude, and a few other farms. Why have cows and no churns. Bethesda wtf. I might even add more in the future, just didn't want to do butter overkill as milk can also now craft butter at spits.

Also added Milk to Leveled lists. Can be found randomly as well in barrels and such. Use milk to make butter at cooking spit!

3 Types of Applesauce can be made. Normal, Snowberry and Jazbay. Totals 6 recipes as You can either use 3 green apples or 3 red apples as the base for the sauce. These are for restoring magicka and having resistances to either Frost or Shock.

12/26/2016 Sorry for all the Updates. That should be it for a bit. 3.1 Adds 20 Cooking Stoves to all the Inns in Skyrim. Had to delete some clutter to fit a few, nothing worth missing. If you use other Cooking Stove mods, might conflict, might not! Also adds Bone Meal recipe from skulls and Bonemeal Bread.

Example of placement:
Bee and Barb in Riften

The Bannered Mare: (Example of clutter removal, had to get rid of dresser and wine. Most clutter removed at Inns were firewood)

12/24/2016: Merry Christmas eve guys, Added more updates! Added 14 more recipes totaling over 30. Soul Gem's can be crushed into mana food sources, adds teas, adds more soup, etc. Soul gem's restore .2 mana more per stage. So Soul Gem Petty is 1.2 Magicka per sec, Soul Gem Lesser 1.4, etc. Then jumps to 2 Magicka per sec for Grand Gem. Sometimes, you have too many soul gems, this gives them more use.

12/15/2016: To everyone using both versions. I want to keep working on this mod, but with 2 versions, I'm forced to add everything I do in CK twice. It can be really time consuming. So based on how many more people download version 2, I will be continuing on that version. There are many foods I have forgotten to mess with especially in Hearthfire etc, so I will be fixing all these foods and making more recipes. I will CONSIDER going back and working on version 1. But for now, in order to have drive to make this mod way better, I will be using version 2. :P Thanks for understanding.

Adds about 20 recipes, reduces food weights, adds alchemy to Stove as well now. Fixed foods that weren't effected before. Wines are changed as well as lighter. Most foods are .1 weight now. For meats, weight cuts in half AFTER you cook it, unless it's in a stew.
Several Vegetable Beef stews can be made from all kinds of meats found in skyrim. Even Boar meat from Solstheim.
Will add more recipes as time goes.
Hearthfire and Dragonborn Master files added to list, so Cooking stove got new recipes and Alchemy added to it. Now Cooking Spit and Stove both give Alchemy exp. Added many more magicka recipes to even out the balance. Chives can be found randomly as well as bought from some innkeepers in order to make recipes with Chive ingredient.
Changed some vanilla soup textures. Only a few. Changed Cabbage and Tomato. Other soups are stand alone.

UPDATE 2.2, 1.2 : Food cooked at pots now gives EXP for ALCHEMY! (NO EXP FOR CAMPFIRE FOOD) Also added Coffee Recipe which is stronger than Skooma and enhanced the effects of Skooma. The next patch will most likely be edits on Alcohol items.

Coffee Recipe:
x1 Moon Sugar
x5 Juniper Berries
x3 Dragon's Tounge

UPDATE: Versions 1 and 2 are rebalanced to have sweets such as: pies, fondue, sweet rolls, and Blueberry apples to restore Magicka for re-balance of restorative foods. So they aren't all HP benefits.
NEW CUSTOM FOODS ADDED SO FAR: Blueberry Apples and Snowberry Sweetrolls.
Version 1 sells Blueberry Apples and Snowberry Sweetrolls and Snowberry Sweetrolls can be cooked at any cooking spit using 3 Wheat, 1 Moon Sugar and 5 Snowberries to create 5 Sweetrolls.
Mammoth Snout debuff fixed.
Mammoth Cheese adds Magicka restore bonus with Health bonus.

GERMAN TRANSLATION by MrMarv: Better Food Effects (German)

Better Food Effects (Spanish)

LOAD ORDER: KEEP IT LOW in case of overrides.


VERSION 2 Has different changes than version one. Choose based on your preference. Version 2 cuts initial health in half, but adds HIDDEN value of .2 HP per second (does stack and did test this)

All foods that aren't meat give 30 min digestion health regen bonus of .2 per second.  (SHOWS AS 0 HP in photo, but it IS THERE)
All Meats give 1 hour digestion health bonus of .2 per second.
ALL FOOD DAMAGES STAMINA REGENERATION (hardly noticeable but wanted to add to represent a slight full feeling)
All food stam regen damage 15 seconds.
All meat stam regen damage 30 seconds.


Changes some of the base food in the game, mainly produce and meat. Foods get a slight increase in how much health is recovered, raw foods damage your heath and health regen, but if it gets cooked, you get a better health benefit. I felt like getting animal meat was pretty worthless, but now if you cook the meat you get a decent substitute for health potions. Also, the Homemade Meal from Marriage now also gives 100 Health, Magicka and Stamia boost on top of the initial effect. 

I didn't add health regen to cooked foods because of how easily you can stack the effect of them to never die in combat.

PS: I know there are many versions of item changes, but this is my personal version. I may add some more to it as well. I might have missed certain foods. Let me know if I did.


Both Versions have the ultimate Homecooked Meal. Gotta have a wife that can cook Grade A food.