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During the 2nd Era a savant scholar left Clockwork City in search for the Ruins of Mharzurk. It was said that this scholar carried with him a powerful relic, a gift from Sotha Sil who later vanished in the depths of the ruin.

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The Ruins of Mharzurk
by venjhammet

Travel to the Riften hold on the slopes of Velothi Mountains and there you will find an old abandoned ebony mine called Erenir. But deep within this mine lies a hidden passage to the Ruins of Mharzurk. Sometime during the 2nd Era, a powerful scholar ventured this ruin but was never heard afterwards. It was said that he carried with him two powerful relics which were a gift given to him by Sotha Sil. Now a group of bandit led by a brawny Orc leader has set forth in search for these relics. Only you can disrupt their search before their leader can grab hold of the relics.

Important things to take note:

1. This mod only uses default vanilla asset
2. It is a Radiant quest enabled dungeon
3. It has no trigger quest only written quest regarding the disappearance of the scholar so be     mindful of the surrounding for clues
4. Dungeon has multiple large cells and a new world space and large cavern
5. All enemy npc uses default stats except for the final boss
6. Also available for Special Edition

Also available For Skyrim LE/Oldrim:

Incompatibility issue:
Location conflict in case there are other mod out there that uses the same location I did.


-added a few more rooms
-increase enemy spawn
-final boss is much stronger

-fixed navmesh issue on Mharzurk Sanctum and Cavern

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