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This mod removes the falling Leaves/Pine Needles from the players view in Skyrim, and it should help increase FPS slightly.

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zaczombies No Falling Leaves/Pine Needles Special Edition


Using the Skyrim CK I disabled the camera effect that displays
the falling Leaves whenever a tree is within view of the player.

I never understood why they would create a leaf with 64 animations
and with a large detailed texture.

The purpose behind this mod? To remove the Leaves/Pine Needles
no one ever looks at, reduce GPU/CPU usage and improve the
games performance.

You might see a slight performance increase in mods such as:

The Autumn of Whiterun, Skyrim Flora overhaul, BetterRiften.

This mod needs the latest update for Skyrim and it has been
cleaned with TESSEEDIT.
It should be compatible with nearly anything since it only
turns off the leaves/pine needles art.

~~~~~~Manual Install~~~~~~

Install the mod into the Skyrim Data folder or use a mod manager


You may also use this mod in yours as well.
I only ask that you give me credit for my work.