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Quaint Retreat is a small nordic ruin converted into a 'home' with room for spouse, two 'normal' followers, and a vampire follower. It's themed around 'retreat/hangout', with lots of mead, ale, and wine; very cozy, not all smithing. Has several unique armors/weapons.

Permissions and credits
All DLCs needed (hearthfire, dragonborn, dawnguard)
Recommend running dyndolod or whatever if you have that or something, as this heavily edits the landscape/slope of some of two cells.

Quaint Retreat is a small medium home west-ish of Morthal. It has room for three followers and a spouse, and features several unique weapon/armor. As it's theme is more a retreat/hangout, there is not all smithing; the former owners would hang out there for two to three months out of the year for fishing, hunting and stuff and not really make any new weapons or armor, just repair/better.

-fully navmeshed for followers
-extra key is just to right side of door
-many various containers for safe storage, some named, some not.
-enchanting, alchemy, cooking, and baking.
-Good number of weapon racks, stands, a few dagger displays, and several shield plaques(the little round plaques)
-a mannequin sadly he does move a bit-but stays on hisstand/doesn't walk around(he stays put better than most of my other mods, lol)
-double bed for you and spouse (need a follower mod of some kind/AFT or MHiYH or something)
-two bedrolls and a vampire coffin for followers(need follower mod of some kind ofc)
-various ingredients and items, some respawning and some not for le immersion
-Three bookshelves
-cupboard/wardrobe attached to bookshelf that 'hides-but-not' two shrines.
-shrine to Kynareth, Dibella, Mara, Julianos, etc.
-a bunch of idles for follower
-two unique weapons and three unique clothing/armor-armor and boots are by the wardrobe, robes and dagger are on vampire shelf, other weapon by chair near fire.
-journal on the desk, also gives heavy armor skill

-key is in the fake rock, which is also safe storage, (see images)
-woodcutting, sharpening wheel, tanning rack, workbench
-fake rock and chest are safe storage
-some flowers and mushrooms to gather/small garden
-pretty scenery, great views
-a goodly amount of idles for followers
-nice little fishing pier thing

**none of the unique weapons/clothing/armor respawn. Once you take them, that be it.
also, for some reason followers will almost never go through the southeastish gate. I don't know why, very occasionally they've made it. But otherwise, they won't even go near it once you start approaching and are about to go through, and instead go around. Haven't been able to fix it, but they catch up fair quickly, so.

there are no hearthfire planters or beds for kids, no smelter, no anvil, spidermakingmachine, no staff enchanter.

Thanks for your interest ^-^ I hope you enjoy it if you decide to download.

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