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Adds multiple sets of endgame worthy 'Dragon Slayer' themed, Dragon Soul imbued, Armor and Weapons to your Skyrim SE for CBBE.

Permissions and credits

Consider Forged Dragon Soul as a tribute mod if you will; a complete overhaul and Re-Imagining of four of my favorite LE mods, all packed into one set, worthy of a 'Champion of Auriel'!
  • The original Dragon Carved Armor Set
  • Insanity's Dragon Katana and Dragonbane Katana
  • Dragonslayer Bow and Siege Arrow set

Version: 2.0 Major Update - Changes***Please Read***
  1. 1.a- Ability to acquire Dragon Soul Armor & Weapons is now tied to Vanilla main quest line and has new skillbook requirement for crafting menus to be available. *hint...Let Camilla Valerius be your guide
  2. 1.b- Theres now kind of a story for ehhh-mersion, and a couple NPC encounters, but I doubt you'll be best friends!
  3. 1.c- Because of these updates, it's best to install this for a new game, but it will work on previous saves.
  4. 2. Added a Dragon death loot\crafting item, 'Molten Soulstone Ore', 1-to-1 conversion at smelter to create the 'Refined Soulstone' which is now required for forging many of the main pieces of the sets. The player is now required to slay at least 10 Dragons to craft the entire collection.
  5. ***I have gifted a few items alongside the Vanilla quest to get you started, but you will still need the required smithing, onehanded, two handed, and archery perks before you can create anything.
  6. 3. Adds an all new Armored Mage set, the 'Dragon Soul Moonlight Mage' Armor in Male and Female for to account for magic based playthroughs! (Mage set enchants and armor far surpass those of the Archmage robes)
  7. ***Race Menu High-Heels required for the female mage boots to work properly***
  8. 4. Bodyslide Updates for all sets including Fixes, Boots, and Gauntlets.
  9. 5. Updated and improved FX textures (they are way better)!!!
  10. 6. Plugin is now ESPFE to save a slot in your load order.
  11. 7. BSA file format now available.
Version 2.0 will work just fine on an existing save, but a clean save or fresh game is recommended as the item ref ID's have all changed. If you update from Version 1.0, all the previous pieces you have forged will disappear, the console will be your friend to get them back. You will still need to do the quest to find the Skillbook, as all recipes are now hidden from crafting menu without the book in your posession.

Things added, changed, or fixed from original mods:
  1. The armors are all end-game worthy with Stats similar to Daedric, Ebony, Ebony-Mail depending on the set; no longer just mannequin pieces beyond level 30.
  2. All texture assets have either been tirelessly reworked or in some cases, re-created from scratch by me.
  3. Meshes have been optimized and in some cases re-sculpted to be something different.
  4. All helmets\headwear now replace the head, so any race can use them.
  5. All sets now have unique looks between weights/materials/intent/ and between male/female versions.
  6. Attributes have been adjusted to fit the new armor models, they are no longer just light or heavy, we now have Light Ranger, Heavy Ranger, Warrior, Berserker.
  7. Crafting and Perk requirements have been overhauled to fit what you are creating.
  8. Items will appear in the forge crafting menu only with perk book in inventory, and as you unlock the required skill perks. There is no official quest to obtain, but the book is now integrated with a vanilla quest. Recipes are extensive (and expensive) and sometimes rare; Just playing the game becomes your fetch quest.
  9. Each armor set has it's own custom cloak fx, and 'hit-cloak' fx you'll find nowhere else.
  10. They're shiny! Each item has hand-made cubemaps by yours truly; so rest assured, they won't look like anything else in your game.
  11. If you rotate items in light and look real close, a dragon will pass through the reflections on Weapons, Ranger, and Berserker armor.
  12. Some stuff glows...because people like that.

Known Issues:
  1. Some of the ground models do weird stuff, some don't, try not to drop. (sell it, give it away, whatever...but drop at your own risk).
  2. The Pelvic plate on the female skirt version sometimes clips or deforms while crouching, jumping etc...
  3. The Glow sights on the short bow are purely aesthetic, they won't help your aim.
  4. The length of the Arrows make it impossible to line up the tip of the first-person model with the crosshairs, it takes some getting used to.

So let's get to what you get:

4 Armor sets (gauntlets, boots, cuirass, headwear), 2 katanas, 6 bows, 2 Arrow Sets, 2 shields, CBBE Bodyslide files, The DragonSoul CBBE Preset

This mod could not exist without the artistic talent of the following authors.
Thank you all for your great mods over the years and for allowing the community to use your work to create something new! 

Dragon Carved Armor Set by 'hideto84'
DragonSlayer Bow and Siege Arrows by Skibadaa
Insanitys Dragon Katana by InsanitySorrow
Insanity's Dragonbane by InsanitySorrow
Insanitys Mask by KaranVess
Panties of Skyrim by Ralfetas
Hoods with hairs by ZZJay and Grace Darkling
BattleMage Armor by Ark & Nman368
Andromeda Cubemap by Forevervobla
Bikini Mage Robes by Graf
Spearhead Catsuit by BBDrac