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A simple and lightweight way to Call Your Horse to your location!

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What is Call Your Horse?
Call Your Horse is a simple and lightweight mod that I made for personal use, and decided to share it with everyone! It lets you call your last-used, player-owned horse to your location - as long as you're in Skyrim, and not in an interior.

How does it work?
A new Lesser Power is added to your character, named "Call Your Horse". It costs no Magicka and has no cool down. When you use it, your character will whistle,
and if you're in a valid location your horse will arrive.

If you're close enough to your horse, it will simply run towards you. If not, it'll appear off-screen and come to you. If it gets stuck, it'll teleport beside you after a few seconds. Once it arrives, it'll follow you for a short time, and then loiter in the general area. If you leave the area without your horse, it'll return to wherever it considers home - such as the Stable you bought it at.

What horse does it call?
Call Your Horse keeps track of the most recent horse you used that you also own. For example, if you bought a horse in Whiterun, then stole a horse in Solitude afterwards, and then you use the Call Your Horse Lesser Power, your Whiterun horse will arrive.

Call Your Horse is entirely self contained and makes no edits to game systems, just additions. Call Your Horse works with all horses bought from stables, unique horses from quest rewards, and should also work with horses from Creation Club content as well as mods - as long as the horse is owned by the player.

Special Thanks
Thanks to Tostikaas for creating the whistling sound effects!
Thanks to @Libby_Sharp for the fantastic picture.