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Adds a standalone Daedric Armor & Sword to make you look like a Royal Dremora. Replacer version available. (ESL Version included)

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This mod adds a standalone full heavy armor & sword set to Skyrim for a more evil playthrough. (Does not replace Daedric Armor)

You can find the armor inside the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, to the right of the rewards room. Inside a small chest that'll respawn you will find the armor.

The armor can be tempered with daedric stats so long as you have the daedric perk. 

Optionally you can download the replacer version that replaces ebony armor with this set. 

Males and Females share the same mesh.

Assets obtained from here (Royalty Free License)

Amazing Screenshots were taken by GLAssassin

drs32 for their immense help with the mod. :)

Don't use my modified assets without permission.

Download whichever file you want and drop it into your Skyrim directory.

You can contact me here!