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Adds a new Ultra Greatsword based on the "Greatsword" weapon from Dark Souls

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By FunkyGandalfCat

A long time ago, a warrior thought it would be a good idea to forge a enormous blade to scare and cut his foes in two.
Sir, and he was right!

Everytime he showed up at a town, people would give an astonished look to him, always thinking: "How can he travel to far places with this gigantic piece of metal?"

Some soldier used to make jokes of him, saying how dumb he was for using such an big blade as this.

One day, while visiting a town, 2 giants invaded the place and started slaughtering and looting everything they could find.
The arrows and common weapons of the soldiers were no match for the giants.
Everything seemed to be lost, when the warrior appeared and destroyed the 2 giants with ease, they were no match to his heavy greatsword.

After this the warrior became a hero, soldiers and other warriros would start using the same weapon as him, not becoming so popular though, not everyone had the strenght to wield it. Nonetheless, who would be so stupid to
mess with a man using a gigantic greatsword?

This mod was based on "Greatsword" weapon from Dark Souls series.


You can download the main file, which is based on the Greatsword from Dark Souls 2 and 3


You can download the Optional File, Greatsword based on the Dark Souls 1 weapon

(See images and video for more details)

The gigantic Heavy Greatsword attacks slightly slower than other greatswords. But that does not matter, since the long range and high stagger output
matches that with no problems.

- Slightly slower attack
- Long range
- Medium/High Stagger Output

You can craft it under steel category using:

5 Steel Ingots
3 Iron Ingots
3 Leather Strips

You can also temper it using:

2 Steel Ingots

A quick showcase I made, take a look:

For mannual installation:

Just unpack, and throw the "Data" Folder inside your Skyrim Folder


Just use NMM

Humus, for his cubemap base "Hornstull Stand" which I edited

His website:

Maya 2016
Maya 2016 Nif Plugin (here on nexus)
Photoshop CS5
Cubemap Gen
Creation Kit