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Adds an arsenal of ancient "Mandalorian" weapons and armors that can found, re-forged, customized, and painted.

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“When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.”
--The Armorer

In the ancient land of Atmora, there once stood a kingdom called Mandalore.  Great warriors and metalsmiths, this kingdom refused to bow to the Dragon Cult, and fought for ages against the early kingdoms of Man.  But as the great frost took Atmora, Mandalore was broken, and its warriors fled to Tamriel with the rest of their race.  Scattered across this new land, hunted by the Dragon Priests, these warriors hid from the world, taking work as mercenaries and bounty hunters.  When the Dragons fell, and Skyrim became a free kingdom, Mandalore rose again.  They served the kings of old, fighting alongside their ancient kin, keeping their traditions alive.  But as the ages passed, the legends of the Mandalorians were lost and forgotten.  Yet the ancient stories persist, and the secrets of the ancient warriors still wait to be found once more...

To begin your journey, enter the Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. There you will find a journal by an adventurer that went searching for clues about an ancient weapon that will lead you to a hidden Mandalorian Covert.

This mod adds a whole arsenal of "Mandalorian" weapons and armors, all based around the vanilla Ancient Nord Armor and designed to be as lore-friendly as possible. These ancient relics can be found in a number of super-secret Coverts scattered around Skyrim. Rusted and ancient, these relics can be re-forged and polished anew, but only after learning the secrets of Be'skar. Once the armors have been re-forged, they can be painted in a large number of color schemes (based on a few popular Mandalorians of legend.) There are also a few unique items that can be found.

You will find:

-Be'skar Weapons

-Light & Heavy Be'skar Armor

-Painted Variants

-Heavy Crossbows

-One Handed Crossbows

-Vambrace Flamethrower


-Whistling Birds

-Pulse Staffs

-Blaster Staffs

-Energy Shields


-The Darksaber

-Four Unique Mandalorian Coverts


-There are a number of benefits to Be'skar armor.  The armor is heavily resistance to damage and magical attacks.  It also has the ability to deflect blows and attacks back on the attacker.  Be'skar weapons have a permanent "vibroblade" ability that will ignore 50% of armor.  These benefits can only be unlocked by re-forging the ancient versions.

-The Coverts are pretty hard to find, and are high up in the mountains. Here are their closest locations:
>Gloombound Mine

-You cannot re-forge Be'skar until you read the book, "Secrets of Be'skar."  It can be found on the corpse of The Armorer.

-Equipping any Mandalorian Vambrace will add both the flamethrower (technically a staff) and the energy shield via a simple script. Unequipping will remove these items.

-The jetpacks are not functional, and only act as a backpack that increases carry weight.

-Armor cannot be painted until it has first been re-forged and polished.

-Be'skar items can ONLY be forged at the Skyforge in Whiterun, but they can be improved anywhere.

-The cloaks and hoods have been designed specifically to fit over the Mandalorian Heavy Armor. They may look a little wonky on other armors.

-Whistling Birds and Saberdarts are technically scrolls, so they will get used up. You can always forge more, however.

-I did something wrong when creating the Mandalorian corpses. If you attack them directly, it may cause a CTD. I haven't figured out exactly why (I think it's something to do with blood maps) but it should be find if you just don't violently attack them for no reason?

-The jetpacks tend to clip through the capes.

-There is no specific helmet model for beast races; but it DOES work. Just imagine they can squish their snout up in there somehow.

-It may be a little difficult to reach the Coverts because they are up on the cliffs, but you *should* be able to get up there.

-On the male version at the largest body type, the base of the hood is smaller than the opening in the cloak and you will get a slight gap between them.  I haven't quite decided how to fix this yet.

-Actual Jetpack Flight

-Grappling Hook/Cable

-More Color Variants


-Greater Customization (Individual Armor Pieces?)

-"Summon Energy Shield" spell, instead of just adding a static item.

-Actual Living Mandalorians

Here are a few essential mods to get the full experience:


As always I could never do this without all the modders that have come before and created such amazing content.  A million thanks for doing all the hard stuff!

This is a non-profit mod and is not intended for sales of any sort. It is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored or approved by, George Lucas, Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Disney, or any of their respective affiliates or licenses. I make no claim to armor designs, weapons, fictional names or places, or any other items, designs, or ideas that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of myself and other Star Wars fans.  Please message me if there are any conflicts and I will remove them immediately.

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