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A small Dunmer/Apocrypha themed ship playerhome that rests on the coast of Tel Mithryn. Includes most of the crafting stations (Except a smelter) and some interactable furniture like shelves or baskets/crates to store your materials/items in. Also has 2 sort of hidden items one being a weapon and the other a scroll.

Permissions and credits
This ship features:

-Fully navmeshed for followers (although it might be a bit crampy).
-A kitchen/cooking pot with an interactable crate to store some food in.
-A dining corner, nothing special in it but it looks nice.
-The middle of the ship has a hallway that leads to all the other rooms. At the end there are 2 mannequins to show your armor.
-Master bedroom with a mannequin and armor shelf. In the corner there is a alchemy table with 2 shelves both for potions and ingredients.
-Small bedroom for your follower.
-A library, with an enchanting table and staff enchanter, also some storage furniture for things like scrolls or soul gems
-A study room, nothing special in it other than some storage and 2 somewhat hidden items. One being a staff, and the other a scroll (The scroll will respawn over time).

I had made weapon racks aswell, but they somehow glitched out and weren't interactable with anymore. I didn't feel like making them all over again so I just left it as is. I might come back to it in an update if someone would actually want that.

This is my very first mod (besides some basic followers) that I made in the creation kit. Any tips or suggestions are always welcome as I'm still learning :)

There's an inaccesible door in the library so don't worry, that's not a bug. I tried building further into the hold but because the hull of the ship is a single large mesh, any light that touches the beams will send it across the entire mesh. With the shadow engine limit thingy causing lights to glitch in and out of existance if there's too many lightsources touching a mesh, I decided to hold off from building further untill I can find an alternative way to make it work.