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  1. maddyoreillly
    • member
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    Just letting you know that the New Legion patch contains a couple of dirty edits. It's an easy fix in xEdit though.
  2. bigdeano89
    • supporter
    • 8,375 posts
    • 73 kudos
    I have passed it on to the Legacy team, only thing I will say is that it looks like these can be ESL flagged, id look into that as people are much more likely to use patches these days if it can be helped. Appreciate the consistency if our soldiers indeed dont have the same level lists :)
  3. froztee
    • premium
    • 1,715 posts
    • 334 kudos
    I am having a hard time understanding what this does? 
    1. bigdeano89
      • supporter
      • 8,375 posts
      • 73 kudos
      From what I understand it replaces the armors of the soldiers fighting during the shattered legacy quest in legacy of the dragonborn, though I was under the impression they should already wear said armors as they use the same factions etc as vanilla. The author should elaborate tbh.
    2. spongebobananapants
      • member
      • 299 posts
      • 14 kudos
      Legacy adds an area called Pale Pass. This area is filled with stormcloak and imperial soldiers. If you have New Legion or Guard Armor Replacer installed, the soldiers in that area will not get the armor changes. They will continue using the vanilla imperial and stormcloak armors. I changed the outfits in the CK so that the soldiers now wear the armor from both of those mods.

      They use separate outfits added by legacy which include the vanilla armor and weapon pieces. Just installing New Legion and Guard Armor Replacer wont overwrite those outfits since they are seperate from vanilla. Therefore a patch is needed.
    3. StopGap11
      • premium
      • 821 posts
      • 7 kudos
      So it's a patch for legacy of the Dragonborn, but only for the pale pass and not for displays in the museum itself. It seems pretty straightforward to me.