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Smelt 5 empty bottles at the smelter into 1 Hearthfire glass

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I was inspired by the Drinking Gives you Bottles mod; I thought it would be nice to be able to bring your empty bottles back to the brewery for a small deposit, or smelt them down into glass and recycle them yourself.

Requirements: Hearthfire DLC of course

As of v1.0 only vanilla empty bottle smelting recipes are added - smelt 5 bottles of the same type to create 1 Hearthfire glass 

I intend to update this mod as I am still a very new modder; I'm using this as a learning tool to improve my modding skillz.

Future plans:
Brewery NPCs will buy bottles for a couple septims.
-Brewery NPCs will hopefully have a dialog option similar to vanilla farmers buying crops.
Drinking alcohol will give you empty bottles (Drinking gives you bottles port doesn't work for me, and others).
Not sure if its possible but would love to combine bottles in recipes (e.g. 2 empty spiced wine and 3 empty Nord ale bottles for a piece of glass)
-without adding an unnecessary number of crafting recipes to the smelter of course.

Hit me with ideas, I'm open to adding more.

There shouldn't be any compatibility issues, only adds crafting recipes