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Pack of three elven presets for racemenu - altmer, dunmer and bosmer

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Featuring three elves - Tauve, Ceridwen and Erweneth.

Tauve: dunmer assasin, loves money and a good drink. She lived with her cousin Falanu Hlaalu in Skingrad for some time, but then decided her skills might pay her better in wartorn Skyrim. One thing lead to another, she is now on Solstheim and employed by Neloth to fetch interesting stuff for him. She still writes her cousin home and makes sure to say hello to her ehm....friends in basement.

Ceridwen: thalmor agent, makes fun of people and thinks everyone is stupid. Ceridwen didn't want to go to Skyrim for sure, but orders are orders and now she is here. At least she can make use of her love for big weapons while she hacks downs all heretics. And there is plenty of them.

Erweneth: young bosmer hunter and adventurer. Her parents were imperial scouts who died during Great War. Having spent most of her childhood in orphanage, she forgot most of her own culture. After maturing and joining adventuring group, Erwe met fellow bosmer who taught her all about Green Pact and Jephre. Sadly, this newfound friendship didnt last long, soon after getting to Skyrim, the bosmer and rest of the group locked her in Abandoned prison, so they wouldn't have to share treasure.

Required mods

Mods to make them look exactly like in screenshots

Armors used in screenshots are Cirious business, Truly Light elven armour, Near Ciri armor by Pricks, Paragon Sparrow Rogue by SunJeong and Bless armor by Ninirim. Last three are available on their Patreon.

Drop the file into your Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets.
If you are using Mod Organizer like I do, the path is hidden in your Overwrite at the bottom of your mod list. Click on it with right button, select open in explorer and from there you can find your preset path.

Feel free to change her any way you like. But if you do, please upload a picture, because I am a very curious person :)
Dont reupload or claim as your own. If you for any reason want to use them for anything else beyond personal use, just ask.

Big thank you to authors of mods I used.