Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Implements a large-scale dynamic war environment with over 2,000 patrolling soldiers marching throughout Skyrim, invading enemy holds in large military campaigns and/or defending hold territories. Modifies CW soldiers. Full of unpredictable epic battles and experiences. Player can command Civil War armies up to 22 soldiers as they climb the ranks.

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Skyrim's Civil War is now brought to life as over 2,000 soldiers can be seen marching throughout Skyrim, attacking enemy cities in large military campaigns or defending allied hold territories. This mod implements an immersive large-scale dynamic war environment throughout Skyrim which was lacking in the vanilla game.

UPDATE 5/8/21: Performance friendly version out, reduces total NPC count by over 50% for all patrols and guarding soldiers.

If you install this mod mid-game, go inside a cell and wait 2 weeks for everything to respawn to avoid performance issues.

Main Features

- Adds over 200+ Civil War patrols throughout all the main roads of Skyrim. These patrols are either defending their hold territories or attempting to conquer enemy holds/towns/cities in large military campaigns (patrols can range anywhere from groups of 5-22 soldiers, and there may be up to over 2,000 patrolling soldiers at the start of the game).
***Note: Skyrim's engine is surprisingly good at handling many unloaded NPCs running in the background, even if there are thousands of them (there are over 5,000 NPCs by default in the vanilla game***

- The cities/holds that a faction controls has a direct impact on how many soldiers/patrols it has available to them at all times (for example, if the Stormcloaks lose a hold, their total population of soldiers patrolling Skyrim will decrease while the Imperials will increase)
- Civil War Patrols will tactically retreat in battle if they are losing or severely outnumbered.
- The Civil War Factions have been expanded, with new types of soldiers for each faction (i.e. ranged units, heavy infantry, light infantry, civil war officers, battlemages, etc.), and both factions more distinct, operating with different strategic tactics in battle and have their own strengths and weaknesses in different combat situations.
- You can now command/lead groups of soldiers when you join a Civil War faction. The higher your rank, the more soldiers you can lead/command.

- Increased diversity for both Civil War factions (heavily lore based).
- Civil War Forts and other towers/fortifications along roads are no longer inhabited by bandits and are replaced by Civil War soldiers at the start of each game AND reinforced with an additional 22+ soldiers.
- Defensive walls/fortifications around the entrances of major walled cities (e.g., Solitude, Windhelm, Markarth, Whiterun, and Riften) are reinforced with an additional 22+ soldiers in defense.
- Civil War soldier dialogue greatly expanded. They now respond accordingly to their environment, situations, state of battle, etc.
- Wearing any type of Stormcloak Armor, Imperial Armor, or Hold Guard Armor will cause the opposing faction to attack you on sight.
- Instead of the focus of the Civil War being on the tedious questline missions, you can now put the focus on just traveling Skyrim, searching for enemy soldiers to eliminate, and trying to eliminate all enemy soldiers like you would in real life war.

Civil War Mod Concept

The name "Skyrim at War" was inspired by Call of Duty: World at War and aims to bring the same intensity experienced in the Call of Duty World at War campaigns to Skyrim. As you travel Skyrim, every single road, town, city, or village has the potential to be a bloody civil war battle ground. Battles can start as swift small skirmishes and may escalate into intense large bloody battles that stretch on for over a mile.
The same way in which the fight from Stalingrad to Berlin for the Soviets was a relentless bloody war effort which every single road, town, and city encountered became a battlefield where every inch of ground gained costed dozens of lives of your fellow soldiers, you will experience the same as you travel the open world of Skyrim as a civil war soldier. As you make your way from Solitude to Windhelm as an Imperial soldier (or Windhelm to Solitude as a Stormcloak) you will have to fight tooth and nail over every inch of road you come across as you continue to advance closer towards the enemy's capital.
You will now get a closer experience of what it feels like to be a soldier engaged in a bloody war which will likely include:

  • Witnessing epic back and forth battles
  • Seeing dozens of corpses scattered throughout the battlefield or floating down rivers (especially near Whiterun)
  • Being outnumbered and forced to retreat
  • Being suddenly ambushed and flanked from both sides
  • Seeing all your comrades perish in a failed attack
  • Fighting a losing a battle but suddenly being rescued by an advancing army of 20+ allied soldiers attacking from the rear
  • Feeling the thrill of charging a fort with 20+ archers head on
  • Being pinned by a constant barrage of arrows
  • Seeing a relentless wave upon wave of enemy infantry assaulting your fort
  • Leading the charge of 20+ soldiers into a battle you are uncertain of winning
  • Being aware that you are putting yourself along with your fellow soldiers at risk as you advance and lead your soldiers deeper into enemy territory where one mistake can get them all killed
  • Learning the importance of scouting ahead for enemies
  • Knowing that all the allied soldiers you saved or the enemy soldiers you spared back then would eventually come back to save or haunt you, and realizing that you are winning the war as more and more soldiers you encounter on the roads are allied rather than enemy as a result of your war effort.

Even if you decide not to begin the immediately begin the Civil War questline itself, the battles you come across as you travel Skyrim as a spectator are very entertaining to watch as there are a lot of unpredictability and a constant turning of the tide that occurs in these battles.

"This mod provided the most interesting walk to Whiterun I've ever encountered. Walked from the Helgen cave with the hrodnir? Hrongar? Whatever the Imperial guys name was, and we walked down by the first signposts on the main road to be joined by a regiment of about 30 or so varying troops. They proceed to walk into Riverwood with us which is when things started to heat up. The music kicked in and everyone unsheathed their blades and bows across the river. A Stormcloak soldier yelled a battlecry and lead the charge of about 20 Stormcloaks across the bridge (modded so it was a covered bridge). The Imperial regiment met them full force their heavy armored legionnaires cutting through the more lightly armored Stormcloaks with minimal losses. When the Stormcloaks saw that all hope was lost, they retreated towards Whiterun and back to a larger group of Stormcloaks waiting by the meadery on their way into town. The remaining Imperial troops seemed outnumbered and the battle was shifting in the Stormcloaks favor until the Imperials were reinforced from what seemed like every direction. They came up the road from near the gate with close to 80 soldiers and decimated the remaining Stormcloaks... Bodies were left strewn from Riverwood to the first gate of Whiterun.. Never have I had such an exciting first 15 minutes of a playthrough. Wild absolutely wild."

The Patrols
At the start of the game, there are over 200 new Civil War patrols (over 2,000 total soldiers) marching all throughout Skyrim on every main road. These patrols range from 5 to 22 soldiers, and are either on long military campaigns marching into enemy territories or patrolling and defending their own hold territory.
All these patrols are respawnable (about 10 days) and are persistent (not spawned and deleted by script like world encounters) working similarly to Khajiit caravans, which means all 2,000+ patrolling soldiers are moving throughout Skyrim simultaneously at all times, and you may on very rare occasions run into the same patrol you stumbled on a while back. This also means that the more Stormcloaks or Imperials you kill, the less of them you will be seeing as you travel throughout Skyrim.
Each hold has their own dedicated defensive hold patrols to protect against the enemy campaign soldiers, with larger and more populated holds having greater defensive patrols (i.e., Whiterun, Riften) while smaller holds having less defensive patrols (i.e., Winterhold, Morthal).
There are currently 6 military campaign routes in which mostpatrols are assigned to. Each military route connects the two main civil war capitals(Solitude and Windhelm) together along with an additional 1-4 other hold capitals. These soldiers will have a long and bloody journey ahead of them as they encounter numerous enemy patrols (defensive and offensive) and other heavily defended fortifications. City battles will take place independent of the Civil War Questline as a result of two opposing patrols meeting together in a city (Note: Soldiers won't travel into gated cities, only outside around the entrance).
Skyrim's overall geography, roads layout, fort locations, etc. have a great influence regarding on where battles take place and how easily they can escalate (i.e., Dragon Bridge is the only main road path to Solitude, so it tends to be a huge bottleneck and have larger battles more often).

Patrols are organized into 3 types according to size and role

Scouts: 5-7 soldiers (3 soldiers in the performance friendly version)
- Light and mobile, they jog along their patrol routes and are designed for light engagements or as support
Squad: 9-13 soldiers (5 soldiers in the performance friendly version)
- Standard all round unit, can serve either as support or to spearhead an assault.
Army: 16-22 soldiers (10 soldiers in the performance friendly version)
- The main spearhead force of each faction. They are led by a Civil War Officer who provide combat bonuses nearby allied soldiers. Some armies specialize in ranged warfare.
If a patrol finds itself to be losing the battle and/or severely outnumbered, they will either fall back temporarily to regroup with more allied soldiers to counterattack or retreat back to their HQ to defend their Civil War capital (or nearby Hold Capital if they are a defensive hold patrol).
When a hold changes Civil War allegiance/ownership, the pre-existing hold patrols are replaced with new hold patrols of the superseding faction (ie. if Whiterun is taken by the Stormcloaks, all the Imperial patrols that once guarded Whiterun Hold are now replaced by Stormcloak patrols). The same thing applies to a lesser degree with to military campaign patrols (i.e., if Whiterun is taken by the Stormcloaks, there will be more Stormcloak soldiers and less Imperial soldiers on military campaign routes involving Whiterun).
Defensive Forts, Towers, and City Walls

- All Civil War forts are inhabited by Civil War soldiers at the start of the game plus an additional 22+ soldiers added by this mod (11 soldiers in the performance friendly version).

- Defensive walls/fortifications around the entrances of major walled cities (i.e., Solitude, Windhelm, Markarth, Whiterun, and Riften) are reinforced with an additional 22+ soldiers in defense (11 soldiers in the performance friendly version).

- Strategic Towers/Fortifications along roads such as Whiterun Western Watchtower, Shor's Watchtower, Valtheim Towers, and Broken Tower Redoubt are heavily populated with Civil War soldiers.

- Static Civil War soldiers guarding forts, towers, and city walls have a higher concentration of archers than regular patrolling soldiers.

- Like with patrols, once a hold changes allegiance/ownership, the old defending soldiers are replaced with new soldiers of the superseding faction.

Changes of Each Civil War Faction

All Factions

- All non-unique vanilla Civil War NPCs have been replaced by the ones added to this mod.

- Unique Civil War NPCs have their stats buffed to match the NPCs added to this game (i.e., Captain Aldis, Legate Rikke, General Tullius, Ulfric Stormcloak, Galmar Stone-Fist, etc. now have similar stats to the Officer NPCs added by this mod).

- The Civil War Factions have been expanded, with new types of units/soldiers for each faction (i.e., ranged units, heavy infantry, light infantry, civil war officers, battlemages, etc.).

- Both Civil War factions approach battles with different strategies and combat tactics.

- All Civil War soldiers are just as strong if not stronger than Hold Guards at the start of the game, and have a variety of perks unique to their combat role and faction. If you want to survive more than one battle, you will need to be properly trained and equipped before deciding to take part in the war.

- Dozens of new NPC models with a greater variety of voices added to each faction (you will rarely find identical looking soldiers compared to vanilla).

- A great number of extra unused dialogues have been added to Civil War soldiers to make battles even more intense and immersive. Now their dialogue will reflect the state of battle and their morale. For example, soldiers who are winning a battle and outnumber their enemies will cheer in victory as their enemies retreat. Retreating soldiers will warn other soldiers to fall back. Soldiers attacking forts will order their troops to take out the archers or mages on the walls or towers if present.
Imperial Legion
Unit Types:

  • Imperial Scout - Light Infantry with Sword and Shield. They can move with shield raised without any movement penalties.
  • Imperial Legionnaire - Heavy Infantry with Sword and Shield. Well trained, making up a bulk of the Legion, they can take quite the punishment and are extremely trained in blocking, and blocked hits will do very little damage. They are like tanks - strong and impenetrable at the front, but weak on the sides/rear when flanked.
  • Imperial Pikeman* - Heavy Infantry with Pike. They do significantly more damage than regular Legionnaires, but have less health. They work best when working together with other Legionnaires in a shield wall formation (Requires Animated Armory).
  • Imperial Archer - Light Infantry with Bow. They fire arrows at a much higher rate than vanilla NPCs, but they are generally the most fragile unit with the lowest health and need to fight with support.
  • Imperial Battlemage - Heavy Infantry with Sword and Destruction Spells. A rare unit, they are a hybrid between an Imperial Legionnaire and an Imperial Archer, sacrificing block and defensive capabilities for ranged destruction spells (firebolt, ice spike, and lightning bolt) while still being capable in melee combat.
  • Imperial Captain - Civil War Officer with Sword and Shield. They are one of the most dangerous and durable soldiers on the battlefield and provide combat bonuses to nearby allied soldiers, granting small passive regeneration bonuses to health and stamina, along with increasing attack damage, armor rating, and magic resistance.
  • Imperial Legate - Civil War Officer with Sword and Shield. A rare but more dangerous and stronger version of the Imperial Captain and provide even greater combat bonuses to nearby allied soldiers, granting small passive regeneration bonuses to health and stamina, along with increasing attack damage, armor rating, and magic resistance.
The Imperial Legion tends to be more of the defensive faction, approaching most battles by deploying heavy Imperial Legionnaires to block and absorb damage on the front lines while Imperial Pikeman Imperial Archers are protected, stabbing their pikes or firing their arrows en masse at a safe distance. Compared to the Stormcloaks, the Legion makes a much greater use of archers.

If you are fighting alongside the Legion, it is critical to keep your Captains and Legates alive, they provide massive defensive bonuses to nearby troops, including yourself, and always target the enemy Stormcloak Commanders for the same reason.

The Imperials now are more diverse, and now includes Orcs, Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves, and Female Imperial soldiers. Nevertheless, since this is a Civil War in Skyrim, most of the soldiers as Nords and Imperials for the Legion. The diversity has been coordinated to work with unit types, which means most Orcs you encounter in the Legion will be heavy legionaries, most Dark Elves and High Elves you encounter will be battlemages, and most Wood Elves you encounter will be archers.
Stormcloak Rebellion
Unit Types:
  • Stormcloak Soldier (1H) - Light Infantry with 1H Weapon and Shield. Similar to the Imperial Legionnaire, their role is mainly to absorb damage while their 2H counterparts do most of the damage striking from the rear.
  • Stormcloak Soldier (2H) - Light Infantry with 2H Weapon. They do much more damage than their 1H counterparts but are less durable as a result of not having a shield.
  • Stormcloak Archer - Light Infantry with Bow. They fire arrows at a much higher rate than vanilla NPCs, but they are generally the most fragile unit with the lowest health and need to fight with support.
  • Stormcloak Commander (1H) - Civil War Officer with 1H Weapon and Shield. They are one of the most dangerous and durable soldiers on the battlefield and provide combat bonuses to nearby allied soldiers, granting small passive regeneration bonuses to health and stamina, along with increasing attack damage, armor rating, and magic resistance.
  • Stormcloak Commander (2H) - Civil War Officer with 2H Weapon. They are one of the most dangerous and durable soldiers on the battlefield and provide combat bonuses to nearby allied soldiers, granting small passive regeneration bonuses to health and stamina, along with increasing attack damage, armor rating, and magic resistance.

The Stormcloaks are the more offensive melee-based faction that is extremely deadly up-close with their superior weapons. What they lack in durability they make up with their raw damage and offensive capabilities. Their approach to most battles is to take advantage of their numerical advantage of melee soldiers by blitzing, surrounding, and overwhelming the enemy and eliminating them out as quickly as possible before enemy archers can get a chance to take their toll. When facing shield wall of Imperial Legionnaires, 1-Handed Stormcloak soldiers will often tank damage from the front with their shields while 2-Handed Stormcloak Soldiers will attempt to strike Imperial Legionnaires from behind to negate the effectiveness of their shields.
If you are fighting alongside the Stormcloaks, it is critical to keep your Commanders alive, they provide massive offensive bonuses to nearby troops, including yourself, and always target the enemy Captains and Legates for the same reason.

The uniform of the Stormcloaks has been modified to be less uniform and more random while staying true to lore. Most soldiers, especially archers, will wear the open faced hide or scaled helmet, and some Stormcloak Soldiers don't even wear helmets. The 1H Stormcloak Soldier variant uses the vanilla Windhelm Guard's shield instead of a generic Hide, Iron, Steel Shield.
Commanding a Group of Soldiers

- You can now command soldiers like an actual officer in the Stormcloak Rebellion or Imperial Legion (from 6 soldiers up to 22).

- As you rise through the ranks in the Civil War questline, you will be given the opportunity to lead large groups of soldiers (the higher the rank, the larger groups you can command).

- You must complete the Battle of Whiterun first before commanding troops. Upon promotion, you should receive a letter from General Tullius or Ulfric Stormcloak about the troops you can command.

- Now that you are a higher ranked soldier, to command troops, you must dismiss your current follower and go to the Castle Dour war room (Imperials) or Palace of the Kings war room (Storm looks) and talk to the scout/squad/army leader to follow you.
RTS Strategic Elements

- The lives of your fellow soldiers are now in your hands. One wrong judgement or mistake and they may all be wiped out and you will have to wait until they respawn.

- Sheathing your weapon (or not having it out) is an order for your men to regroup around the player (cease fire and quickly gather around the player).

- Drawing your weapon (or having it out) is an order for your men to attack the enemy.
You can specify combat tactics when talking to the group leader. There are 3 different types of attack strategies employed when given
order to attack in battle:

1. All soldiers stay close to the player.
2. Ranged units attack on sight; melee units stay close to the player.
3. Everyone scatters and engages independently like vanilla.
- You can order archers to "Hold their fire" or "Fire at Will" when nearby the player during the regroup when talking to the group leader.

- You can order your men to hold their positions and assume battle formations around the group leader's current position when talking to the group leader, which can allow you to employ the tactic of using yourself as bait and dismantling enemies into your clustered units.
Credits to Ryse: Son of Rome, Company of Heroes, and Total War for helping me come up with these ideas/features.

Other Features
- Whiterun is now neutral from the start, and the game will act accordingly once they side with the Empire
Now at the start of the game until the appropriate stages of the Message to Whiterun quest:
- Whiterun guards are neutral and won't take a side in any Stormcloak vs. Imperial battles (they were always allied to the Imperials in the vanilla game)
- The main road to Whiterun will be free of any soldiers or battles

Once Balgruuf sides with the Empire:
- Whiterun guards are now hostile to Stormcloak soldiers
- Tullius will send troops to both guard/patrol Whiterun's exterior walls and hold
- Stormcloak and Imperial campaign soldiers will now pass through Whiterun

- Enhanced the Battle of Whiterun:
  • Whiterun Guards spawning in the Battle for Whiterun are now real Whiterun Guards with the same stats instead of Imperial Soldiers dressed as Whiterun Guards in the vanilla game
  • Catapults in the Battle of Whiterun or other city sieges are extremely deadly, a direct hit will kill almost any NPC just like artillery would in real life. The catapult crewmen are much more accurate with their aim and will now devastate the battlefield and incinerate soldiers who are bunched up too closely.
  • If the player sides with the Stormcloaks and begins the Battle for Whiterun quest, Ulfric Stormcloak will immediately dispatch 2 Stormcloak Armies to march into Whiterun and aid you in the journey to Whiterun AND the battle itself.
  • Added extra soldiers to both sides in the Battle of Whiterun, both at the gates AND inside the city. The battle will actually be a proper battle now with dozens of NPCs fighting each other rather than a small skirmish of 10 people, especially inside the city.

- Wearing any type of Stormcloak Armor, Imperial Armor, or Hold Guard Armor will cause the opposing faction to attack you on sight. However, this guarantees you won't get a bounty or be seen as committing crimes for killing enemy soldiers or hold guards.

- A second war is going on in the Reach. In the midst of all the chaos between the Stormcloaks and Imperials, the Forsworn have jumped into the fray and are trying to retake the Reach.
- Included in the main files is an optional Bleedout.esp that makes bleedout much more frequent and last much longer, making all human NPCs enter this state if they are below 25% health. This is intended to make battles more dramatic, intense, and realistic. You'll find that towards the end of the battle you will have a bunch of soldiers on both sides incapacitated on the ground with the victorious faction executing them all at the end of their fight. This also allows low health soldiers to be given a "Second Chance" if their side is victorious (once a NPC is downed, they are not as likely to be attacked as those who aren't). 

- Guards in Solitude and Windhelm are replaced with soldiers (they still retain their duties as a guard but have all the attributes of the soldiers added by this mod).

Strongly Recommended Mods

Legion Signifers SE (Roman Standard) - This mod gives the Imperial Legion Roman-style standards. I have included a patch that allows large Imperial army patrols to include a signifer who bears the standard. This mod will makes it easier to identify and distinguish different groups of Imperial soldiers.

- Actor Limit Fix SSE (or Increase Actor Limit for VR) - This mod is not required but strongly recommended as it makes AI respond to combat more often in areas with many NPCs and removes the issue of them floating.

- Open Civil War - This mod was designed with Open Civil War in mind. With this mod, OCW now has a strategic aspect when it comes down to deciding which hold to invade and/or defend, since all the patrols in this mod are directly related to the allegiance/ownership of the 9 holds. You may decide larger and more populated holds are more beneficial to invade since they provide more allied patrols if you are successful in the invasion. On the other hand, if keep losing holds to the enemy faction, you will notice the world is populated with significantly more enemy soldiers than allied, which makes for a great challenge and story.

- Guards Armor Replacer and Heavy Legion OR New Legion - This mod was originally designed to go hand in hand with NordwarUA's Guards Armor Replacer and Heavy Legion/New Legion, and I have provided a patch for each armor mod to assign soldiers the correct uniform and weapons according to their roles.

- Animated Armory - This mod adds many new types of weapons, including pikes (2H spears). This mod is required if you want to have Imperial Pikeman in the Legion ranks.


This mod overall is more taxing on performance. However, I guarantee that 99% of players will be able to play this mod smoothly if they:

- Reduce Grass Fade Distance <- This one is KEY
- Reduce Shadow Draw Distance
- Set to the graphics preset to "Low"
- Don't install the mod midgame - if you do, you must wait at least 2 weeks inside a cell
The reason there are huge FPS drop, CTD, and freezing when installing on an existing save is because there are 1000-2000 new NPCs dropped into one location, trying to navmesh and find pathing to their destination. When you start a new game however or when the soldiers respawn after waiting 2 weeks, they are automatically placed into the correct positions on the map according to their patrol AI package. 


- Use the performance friendly version which has 50% less NPCs.

Bear in mind these are good starting points, and can always be increased depending on your system. You'll trade graphics for better gameplay and immersion. I was able to run this mod smoothly with a GTX 960M with battles involving 40+ NPCs when following the performance tips above.

If you run into any stuttering in your game, try waiting for at least an hour and/or saving and restarting Skyrim, this should fix the issue of stuttering

The quickest way to tell if the mod runs well on your system is to go to the starting menu and type "coc whiterun" or "coc windhelmbridge04"  on the console command, and watch as dozens of NPCs engage in combat.

Installation/Load Order

- Place this mod towards the end of you load order so nothing overrides them. Make sure Skyrim at War.esp is loaded before all the other accessory plugins.

- You CANNOT install this mod on an existing playthrough, or else you will encounter FPS, freezing, or CTD issues. For the mod to play smooth, you must start a new game with this mod OR wait 2 weeks inside a cell for everything to respawn.


- Compatible with Warzones, Immersive Patrols, Civil War Checkpoints, and Man Those Borders. This mod won't replace the soldiers in some of those mods however.

- Conflicts with any mod which modifies the DialogueFollower quest (typically mods that overhaul the vanilla follower framework), which will cause issues if you decide to command soldiers later on.

- Will conflict with any mod that modifies Vanilla CW NPCs and CWSoldier Leveled Lists

- I haven't tested this mod with Civil War Overhaul, but it should be compatible depending where you place these mods in your load order. CWO modifies CWSoldier Leveled lists, so if you want to see soldiers in this mod replace soldiers in CWO, place this mod after CWO. If you want CWO battles to retain their existing soldiers, place CWO after this mod. You will still have the patrols from this mod, but city battles in CWO questline will likely only include soldiers from that mod's leveled lists.

Known Issues

- As with any mod that adds a lot of NPCs to the game, the bugs and crashes you come across are a result of the computer not being able to handle the workload (which means for turning down graphical settings is a must for weaker systems).

- If there are too many NPCs in the area, your NPCs may float and/or ignore combat (Actor Limit Fix for SSE or Increase Actor Limit for VR will solve this issue)

- Patrolling soldiers may spawn off the roads far away from their leader(s) when they are loaded, causing the patrol to be initially dismantled

- NPCs may be in a combat state but if their enemy is too faraway, they will stand around where they are (bringing the enemy closer to them will solve this issue)

- On rare occasions, there may be a fight between Stormcloak and/or Imperial patrols on the beginning Helgen quest. Installing an alternative start mod or restarting and beginning a new game will solve this issue.

- Game may have steady FPS but stutter every several seconds. If this happens, try waiting for at least an hour and/or saving and restarting Skyrim, this should fix the issue of stuttering