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This Armor was created by Alduin78 in the Jedi and Sith style from Star Wars, but looks lore friendly to work as stylish Ranger or Mage Armour.

Permissions and credits
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I am happy to bring this beautiful light Armor to SSE by permission from Alduin78 who created it together with Zzjay and all credit for this mod goes to them.

Below is the description page from the original mod; please note that neither Author or myself can give support for this mod at the moment.
The mod has worked in my SSE flawlessly and if you run into issues I will try and help with suggestions.

Also note that this mod features only the non BBP version with the closed collar; once HDT becomes available for SE I may upload the BBP version with decollete. 

This Armor combines very well with vanilla pieces and also other custom Armor and clothing; see screenshots for examples mostly taken in SSE and some from the original page.
Some of the clothing used with this armor in the screens is from "FurArmorSet" by keungkeung.
The bow is a custom piece by Refurbmadness and can only be obtained through the "Island Hobbit home revisited"

The description below in white is from the original mod page by Alduin78, the author of this mod:

Gender: m\f

craftable YES
Armor available in different colours (brown,white,black + variants)
contains: torso,boots,hoood,gloves,bag,hood pieces


I hope you like and enjoy this mod, modding is an almost new thing for me, i consider this as a sort of hobby, so due to the recent caos i saw here  about paying for mods and/or things like this, let me say that my mods are, and will always be, FREE to download (i don't even have a donate button :D ) because i simply think that endorsements, positive and constructive comments and thanks from users that are satisfied with my mods are the best "payment" and feedback that a modder could receive, especially if like me is a newbie modder :)

Well, as i'm a huge fan of Star Wars, i was really happy when i saw on Nexus and used mod like Magicka Sabers or the X wing fighter, but i always missed a proper clothing mod for playing as a Jedi or a Sith character properly, and the mage robes with their vanilla colors of course didn't help, so as i yet used the fantastic Gondorian Ranger Armor from my friend Haldir307, i felt that it was great if properly retextured for playing as a Jedi (or Sith), so after having had the right permissions, i finally made it...

I'm not so good in taking screenshots, but feel free to add them to images section if you like, as well as comments.


This mod, as the title says, provides (via crafting menu) armored clothes for MALES and FEMALES,for all races in Jedi and Sith colors...
Yes, even if i always preferred Jedi, there's also who prefers to play as a Sith, so there are 3 kind of clothes for the Jedi side (Padawan, Jedi Knight and Jedi Master) and 2 for the Sith (Master and Apprentice) FOR BOTH GENDERS.
The stuff comes all without enchantments, so everyone can enchant the clothes in game via enchanting table as they want...

All the pieces are craftable under Leather category, so you can have them since at the beginning of the game, and is temperable at the table like every other armor piece in Skyrim...

To show the player's alliance, the bracers as well as the bags have the crest of the order of the clothes worn...


- The main version is BBP, so you'll have to use a skeleton that supports BBP, like XMPS...As the assets come from Raiserfx "Armor and Clothes for Females" mod, it should be compatible with every UNP based body mod, me i use UNPB-TBBP body and it works fine for me, to me it's also compatible with CBBE body...
Other than the BBP skeleton (needed only if you use the bbp version) the mod is fully standalone, you don't need other mods to use it in your game...

- The optional version is without BBP,for those who have VANILLA skeleton,or simply prefer the "closed breasts" version

Choose 1 file or the other one, as both of them are completely standalone and don't need the other one to work, as well as no DLCs are required, only the last (and legal) version of Skyrim...

Mebantiza was so kind to share a modified esp, present in the optional files, that adds some little tweaks, like rename the clothes in Tunic for example, many thanks for your contribution Mebantiza :)



Many thanks to my friend Zzjay, without you this mod would have remained simply a concept :)

Many thanks to my friend Haldir307 and Faelrin for their kind permission of using clothes assets from Haldir307's Gondorian Ranger Armor mod;

Many thanks to Raiserfx for allowing me to use his magejourneyman assets for the BBP version of the female clothes;

Many thanks to Bethesda, for creating Skyrim and Creation Kit;

Many thanks to Lord Haun, for the assets from his mod Nightingale Maskless;

Many thanks to Mebantiza, for creating the 1.4 version esp of this mod in Update section;

Many thanks to Mysticentity, for forever free logo.