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An overhaul made with compatibility in mind. Easy installer, ESL flagged, load order friendly. No scripts, safe to install.

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  • Projectiles fly faster and further while still being affected by gravity.
  • Damage scaling has been altered to make using higher level projectiles worthwhile.
  • Names have been altered for a clean and uniform inventory.
  • Keywords and material types have been added or changed where needed, such as silver projectiles.
  • ESL flagged plugins, no scripts, safe to install mid playthrough.
  • Required Bash Tags given to all plugins to ensure proper patching.
  • Completely modular with support for many mods, and more to come.


Overhauls vanilla bolts and arrows to fit one simple system of flight speed, gravity and damage.
Adds arrows and bolts from mods to the same system to achieve cohesiveness across mods on the Nexus.
Encourages use of different bolts and arrows by expanding the range of damage across materials.

This mod was made for maximum compatibility. With that in mind, I chose:

  • Not to introduce feature overkill. That way I can add mod support without 10 different versions for each and every mod.
  • Not to modify leveled lists. The mods that are supported already do that.
  • Not to modify perks. To ensure compatibility with your favorite perk overhaul.
  • Not to modify anything but what was absolutely necessary to fit my system.


Arrow changes:
  • Gravity | 0.35 --> 0.2
  • Speed | 3500 --> 5400
  • Added Keywords and Material Types where needed, such as silver arrows.
  • Damage about doubled based on original damage value and faction.

Bolt changes:
  • Gravity | 0.35 --> 0.2
  • Speed | 5400 --> 8100
  • Added Keywords and Material Types where needed, such as silver bolts.
  • Damage about doubled based on original damage value and faction.


Check the sticky in the Posts section.


Thanks to:

- Bethesda
- xEdit team
- The mod authors
- Nexus Mods