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Welcome to the Fellheim fortified estate. A medium/large player home situated near Ivarstead overlooking the Rift with some amazing views!

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Hello and welcome to the port of MetalWraith031's mod: Fellheim!
This is the official SSE port, and I will be maintaining it from here on. (Includes bug fixes and new additions) :)

Welcome to the Fellheim fortified estate. A medium/large player home situated near Ivarstead. The gate can be opened with a pull bar which is on the wall.

The house is equipped with all the workbenches you might need. But the most are hidden away in the secret cambers which can be entered through the secret passage in the main house. If you have played Dawnguard you'll have no trouble in finding the entrance. However the basics for sharpening and improving can also be found in the gatehouse / barracks.
To access some areas you need the Fellheim master key which can be located on top of the counter in the kitchen (as seen on the screenshot). One of these area's is the escape tunnel which leads to the base of the mountains.

Here is a description of what you'll find.

- 1 maid
- 1 steward / merchant with plenty of gold.
- a dining / Livingroom
- a kitchen
- a Master bedroom
- a cellar with a small armory and servant quarters.
- weapon racks and dummy's

Secret chambers.
- Everything needed for smithing.
- Alchemy station.
- Enchantment station.
- Plenty of displays and dummy's
- And a secret room within the secret chambers.

- 4 guards who patrol around the entrance (they are also available as followers)
- guard barracks / gatehouse
- a watchtower with a view
- a garden with alchemy ingredients.
- a couple of chickens.

Everything is fully nav-meshed so you can bring in your own followers.
The chests are safe to store your items.

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