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High resolution floors for the College of Winterhold

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Near Vanilla Project - College of Winterhold Floor

This is a small and simple mod that re-textures the College of Winterhold Floor. It has been up-scaled with an AI upscaler, mixed a bit of magic, created a new normal map, processed with a custom tool filter and saved in BC7 file format in 4K.

I did upscale the rest but I did not include anything besides the new floors. Everything still needed tweaking so ye.. Have this small little mod :)

100% Lore/Vanilla friendly.

I am not an expert on normal map making but I made a version more detailed, cleaned and shiny.

Planning for the future

If you have any suggestions just leave a post.

Installation MO2

Download the main file to MO2 and simply install it after the other re-textures.


Kartoffels for the excellent mod Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures that i used as a base.
VicPrick and Mahi, Ewson, Lavellan, and everyone else for the company + screenshots.
And Gim server for making me want to mod and stuff.

Also thanks everyone for enjoying my mods, I really appreciate it :)

My other mods (and a few more not listed)