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This patch for Know Your Enemy - Trait Based Resistances and Weaknesses or Know Your Enemy Redux distributes the Know Your Enemy books to vendors across Skyrim. Instead of only being found in boss level loot chests, you now have a small chance to also find them for sale, or in other logical places throughout the world.

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Know Your Enemy  and Know Your Enemy Redux add different traits to the creatures and inhabitants of Skyrim that make them resistant or susceptible to various types of attacks. They also randomly distribute books that teach you about those traits to dungeons throughout Skyrim. But after playing for hundreds of hours, it seemed that I rarely came across those books. And why would books be hidden in dungeons and not also occasionally be found in stores? This patch attempts to fix those issues by distributing the books (infrequently) to vendors and NPCs. Originally written for use with DarkLadyLexy's LotD Skyrim SE Modding Guide, I thought I'd make it available to anyone else who was interested.


1. Install Know Your Enemy or Know Your Enemy Redux. This patch will not work without it.
2. Install Know Your Enemy - Books For Sale using the mod manager of your choice (just please not NMM).
3. Let Books For Sale load after KYE. The only file that will overwrite is the startup script. The associated plugin is flagged ESL so it will not take up a slot in your load order.


1. A new game is required when installing this patch.
2. Should be compatible with any mod that KYE is compatible with, unless it alters the Blacksmith/Apothecary vendor buy/sell lists. Otherwise would need a patch.

Chance of finding books at vendors



Q: They are still too hard to find!
A: Edit the globals as you see fit.

Q: They are too easy to find!
A: Edit the globals as you see fit.

Q: Will you create a patch for X mod?
A: Unlikely.


Great thanks to tjhm4 for both creating Know Your Enemy, as well as opening permissions. It is a wonderful mod and I have hard time imagining playing without it anymore.

Thanks to DarkLadyLexy for the guide and letting me hang out on the Discord.
Thanks to Sthaagg for scripting advice.
Thanks to ElminsterAU and the xEdit dev team for the ongoing development of xEdit.
Thanks to Bethesda for the Creation Kit and all their games.
Thanks to Mrs. Tortle2Tortle2Turtle for everything else.