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A .NET Script Framework crash guide.

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Hello Everyone!!!

This is a guide that I set up for myself to keep track of common fixes that I have found and created in my Skyrim modding journey. There are too many crashes and too many fixes that go unheard and are hidden beneath the multiple threads in the forum of the net script framework mod page. So, I decided to create and organized guide that I will be updating regularly with more fixes and common crashes that can occur and how it tends to present itself in the log file. Anyone with suggestions, helpful edits, or known fixes can let me know and I will update the guide so that it can be utilized for everyone.

It doesn't matter how many crashes you have, every crash can be spotted and fixed(for the most part). Don't let anyone tell you your mod setup is too heavy. 
Take a look at mine:
It is possible to have a heavy setup and not crash this game into oblivion. It just takes time, dedication, observance, and enough madness to make Sheogorath jealous.

Happy Gaming Folks !!! 

I first, and foremost, want to thank the author and creator of this awesome framework @meh321. You are a true legend.
Thank you to all the folks out there who contributed to the updating of this guide. Additionally, I want to thank the many individuals(you know who you are) on the .Net Script Framework page who helped save many people's playthrough. This guide wouldn't be possible without you.