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Adds pack of multiple Fallen (Alien Cyborg) themed armors to Skyrim, (Ported from Destiny 2) Includes a separate ESL file option for those who wish for a clean LO.

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This mod adds 45 standalone armor sets to Skyrim from Bungie's ''Destiny 2'' into Skyrim.

There is a LOT to grab in this mod which will be listed at the bottom alongside some questions and answers.

You can find the armor within 5 chests by taking the Leap of Faith, or you can use Additem Menu if you do not wish to travel so far.

All sets are heavy, fitting the theme of the Fallen in this mod.

All the armors have the stats of ebony. Extra pieces (Such as the Cloak, Docked Arms or Cloth) have stats similar to the ebony helmet.

The armor can be tempered if you have the ebony smithing perk.

What can you get in this mod?

In the ''Captain'' Chest you will find:

  • Captain Helmet

  • Captain Cuirass (2 variants)

  • Captain Boots

  • Captain Gauntlets

  • Captain Cloak

  • Captain Cloth

  • Captain Docked Arms

In the ''Dreg'' Chest you will find:

  • Dreg Helmet (2 variants)

  • Dreg Cuirass (2 variants)

  • Dreg Boots

  • Dreg Gauntlets

  • Dreg Scarf 

  • Dreg Backpack

  • Dreg Docked Arms

In the ''Marauder'' Chest you will find:

  • Marauder Helmet 

  • Marauder Armor (2 variants)

  • Marauder Boots

  • Marauder Gauntlets

  • Marauder Cloak (2 variants)

  • Marauder Cloth

  • Marauder Docked Arms

In the ''Vandal'' Chest you will find:

  • Vandal Helmet 

  • Vandal Armor (2 variants)

  • Vandal Boots

  • Vandal Gauntlets

  • Vandal Docked Arms

In the ''Wretch'' Chest you will find:

  • Wretch Helmet 

  • Wretch Cuirass 

  • Wretch Boots

  • Wretch Gauntlets

  • Wretch Docked Arms

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I mix and match different pieces?
A: I seriously do not recommend it, doing so will create gaps in the armor that just looks horrible.

Q: Can I request an armor pack?
A: Yes you can! There are not guarantees I can do it though as I am busy a lot of the time with life and work. 

Q: What if you don't want to do my request?
A: There's a chance that if I don't want to do it, it's because the model either hasn't been ripped, or has been done already by Adventfather. You can find him here:

Q: Where do you get your assets from? 
A: I get them from the Destiny Model Rips discord server! A great Legal server to grab models and use them in other works so long as you do not charge for them. (Invite link in the Credits section)

Bungie allows porting of Destiny 1 & 2 content so long as said mods meets a few requirements. (Check screenshots)


Huge thanks to the Destiny Model Rips server for ripping the original assets in this mod! Without that community this wouldn't be possible!

GlAssassin who takes all of these stunning screenshots and creating the ESL files expecting nothing in return! Please check him out and endorse his work!

Bungie for allowing users to port their Destiny content with few requirements! Their game has had heart and soul put into it and I encourage you all to try Destiny 2 for yourself, it's free! And I know you can afford free!

Grand Bacon for his amazing work at posing all the fallen meshes in this file. Fallen have long arms and this should prove as a testament to his skill and patience! Thanks You!

Endorse if you like it, Share to others who love Skyrim & Destiny, Comment bugs for me to Fix, And Enjoy!