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Realistic Torches is a mod which aims to make using torches in Skyrim become as immersive as possible. The mod includes features like having your torch go out in different weather types, unique sounds effects and full mod control using the MCM.

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Realistic Torches is a mod that aims to make Skyrim torches feel much more immersive. In the vanilla game, your torches only burn out at the end of their duration. Although this simple mechanic of the game makes some sense, it's not as detailed as it could be. That's where Realistic Torches steps in and introduces some interesting, never before seen features.

There are now many more ways in which your torch can be extinguished, causing you to re-think the way you decide to use a torch. For example, harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow will cause your torch to go out. You may also be trekking high up in the mountains and have the wind blow your torch out.

The best part about this mod is that the user can decide which features they want to use and which ones they want to disable. The mod is completely modular through the use of a simple MCM. Another optional feature of the mod is the ability to have a new sound effect play when your torch is extinguished and some other great features.

Do be aware that this mod requires SKSE to work, so make sure to get the latest version if you don't have it already. Realistic Torches also requires SkyUI to take full advantage of the mod's features in the MCM.

Just hit the Download with Manager button if you use Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer to manage your mods, or alternatively, you can install it manually - I won't bother to explain how to do that as people installing mods manually should know what they are doing!

If for some reason you don't own the Dawnguard or Dragonborn official DLCs, then make sure to instead download the optional non-DLC version of the mod, and install it the same way as stated above. 

If for any reason you are unhappy with this mod and would like to uninstall it, please make sure to first stop the mod using the option available in the MCM, give the game a minute to terminate the scripts, and then uninstall like you would any other mod.

This mod has been tested with Climates of Tamriel V5, and also should be compatible with any other weather mods you may be using.

As for other torch mods, if you use a mod that modifies the torch duration or light radius you shouldn't have any issues. Mods that modify the torch's appearance will not take effect on the burnt-out version of the torch if you choose to enable that option in the MCM. However, if enough interest is gathered I may consider a compatibility patch, granted I get permission from the mod author in question to do so.

If you encounter any other mods that you find aren't compatible, please let me know and see what can be done.

I would just like to thank Darkfox127 for his extremely helpful tutorials and guidance in making the MCM for the mod and his assistance with testing the mod, designing the description page, and publicizing the mod on his social media accounts. Make sure to go and check out his website.