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An attribute overhaul that gives all attributes their own experience and levels and stat increases as they grow stronger.

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Every time your attributes increase, you gain stat increases for each point in the attribute. The non generic stat increases ( ie not regen or an element associated with the element) are:

-Health: Poison Resist, Armor Rating, and Physical Damage
-Stamina: Carry Weight, Melee Damage, and Movement Speed
-Magicka: Magic Resist, Spell Power, and Spell Ability

After increasing an attributes level to a certain point an extra stat will begin to increase over time. This is reflect damage for Health, attack speed for Stamina, and spell absorption for Magicka.
These bonuses are also available to npcs as well (if you use Spell Perk Item Distributor), scaling based on their level and a scaling value in the MCM. Additionally, certain stats can be disallowed from being usable to npcs (reflect damage and melee damage are disabled by default on npcs).

Attribute leveling
Attributes dynamically increase now by accumulating experience and leveling up once it passes a threshold. Once it does, it will increase the base value of the associated attribute by a fixed amount per level. Each time one of these level up, the threshold that's used for all attributes increases slightly, making it a bit harder for the others to catch up. As an attributes level increases, it's gains will begin to see diminishing returns. A slight amount, but overtime they will begin to stack up and become more debilitating for your gains.

While at your level, there is a limited amount of times you can level up without incurring a penalty. Once you hit this limit, it is extremely hard to gain experience until the cap is expanded. This makes it harder to continue leveling it, but not completely impossible or absolutely wasteful should one choose not to level up yet. To fuel these attribute levels there are Training points divided into attribute points, used exclusively for their respective attribute and only that attribute, and general points used for attributes without any attribute training points left. Restoring them is as simple as sleeping if you haven't slept that day.

Experience is gained based first on how much of the attribute you lose, or the Effort Value. However overtime what determines the largest part of how you gain attribute experience is the worn values, or the Special Values. Each of these are calculated differently and at different levels of complexity.

-Health is calculated off of pure armor rating and the amount that your skill increases the armor rating of your character.
-Stamina is calculated off of the armor rating over the weight of your armor, with skill based Armor Rating increasing the value as well.
-Magicka, the most extensive, is calculated off of the spell one is wielding, their ability to cast it added to the value of their enchantments (deemed more valuable if custom enchanted), and penalized by the base armor rating of their worn apparel. This penalty is mitigated by how much of that apparel is enchanted.

If you haven't gained a significant amount of experience within the timer you will begin to lose experience within that attribute, however the second best (including ties) attribute will decay at a slower rate than the last place attribute, and the first place attribute is unable to decay (it is also possible to have 2 attributes tied for first place). Additionally, while in dungeons decay will pause, but it will still record the time spent within.

Character levels no longer instantly give attribute boosts (not exactly at least) and instead dole out large amounts of attribute experience of your choice making it easier to try to be a all rounder style of character. Each character level you gain will also restore your general training points, increase the amount you have available to you, and increase the attribute level cap.

Installing is as easy as most mods. Just plop it in, make sure you have the requirements from the other mods.

If your character's Health, Stamina, or Magicka don't match the amount you had at the start of the game, it will convert your extra attributes into attribute levels. This may result depending on how far running the character in less levels.

To Do List
As of right now, this won't uninstall changes from npcs when in regards to added stat changes. This largely is to be expected (since it isn't magic effects that do the changes) however I'm planning on making an uninstall function for persistent npcs so that the npcs that won't be replaced or cycled out will be reverted to normal.

ME :)
macrophage001 - For Body Refinement, the mod this one is strongly based on. If nothing here floats your boat, check this one out.
powerofthree - For Spell Perk Item Distributor, a great tool for providing broad changes and/or additions to a number npcs.