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A simple solution to wimpy end of dungeon bosses when traveling with a party of four followers.

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A simple mod, but one that I never happened to come across, so I thought I would release it. Just a simple edit of Arena to have bosses spawn in at higher levels by increasing their leveled actor multiplier. This is required because followers cannot dynamically learn perks as they level up, which means they start the game with high-tier perks and further trivialize the difficulty. Bosses are especially trivialized, which can lead to an incredibly underwhelming end to a long dungeon crawl.

Multiplier Changes: 

0.75x: Easy
1.25x: Normal
1.75x: Hard
2.25x: Very Hard (All Bosses Use This Multiplier)
Example: With changes enabled a Lvl. 5 party fights Lvl.11 boss/Lvl. 50 party fights Lvl. 112 boss (Don't worry without an enemy mod that removes scaling or includes high-level variants the highest leveled radiant enemy you'll fight is Lvl. 60)

Besides messing with the multiplier, I also uncapped all vanilla encounter zones. Still, I left all minimum levels the same because I like tackling challenges in any order. For those who want a less player-centric leveling system I included a version of Arena with my leveled actor multipliers.

Even if you don't download, please leave a comment about your favorite mod to add difficulty to the game when traveling with a full party of followers, and I may add it to the list below.

Great Mods To Pair With This One: 

Nether's Follower Framework (NSFW Link) - For adding party roles such as healers and tanks
Difficulty Balance  - So followers do the same damage as the player on higher difficulties
Special Edition Followers  - Grants all vanilla followers decent perks, stats, classes, and abilities
Real Bosses - For harder unique named bosses (Harkon, Miraak, etc.)
Increased Enemy Spawns - For larger mobs to chew through (Don't install the 2x Bosses ESP as it's somewhat unimmersive)
Genesis - Another great spawn mod that uses duplicates enemies dynamically.


Arena by SimonMagus616 - I wouldn't have been able to make this without his awesome description on leveled actor multipliers or completely open permissions.

Image Credit to Capcom and