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TEP - Skyrim (for short) is less of a dlc and more of an expansion pack designed not to add new content to the game, but rather expand on existing content. To flesh out what I view to be missing pieces.

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You can take a look at my Trello To keep an eye on progress. :)

Designed to work in conjunction with (but not required to function) Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, this mod aims to expand on the vanilla content by adding what I believe to be missing content, such as an extensively higher npc population, more cities both larger and smaller, edgier personalities expressed through hair and/or feather colors, an extremely large range of additional quests, dungeons, dialogue, and fixes for missing recipes that should be obvious.

I'd like you all to understand that the concept behind this mod is to expand on vanilla content ONLY(aside from the required hair mod)
Therefore I will not be creating nor assisting with patches or compatibility with other mods in any way, shape, or form.

I deeply apologize, but if this mod becomes incompatible with other mods at any point in its development and you still wish to use both, I can only recommend that you talk to the other creators about patching theirs.