Skyrim Special Edition
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Spell Research patches for lesser known spell mods (Overlord) and expanded content (3NPC, Wildcat, etc). Includes a highly recommended altered spell tomes patch.
Also added my own version of the spell research semi-automatic patch generator for anyone who wants to make more patches.

Permissions and credits

I originally made this for my own modlist, but decided to share it for the patching of Overlord alone.

Spell Research - Patch Grimoire
This will add compatibility between Spell Research and:
 - 3DNPC;
 - Bruma;
 - Project AHO;
 - Gray Fox Cowl;
 - Carved Brink;
 - Heritage;
 - Muken's Arcane Archery;
 - Wonders of Mzark;
 - Overlord;
 - Tools of Kagrenac;
 - Teldryn Serious;
 - Wildcat.

You might wonder why some of these even got patched - the reason is because of the altered spell tome patch (patches spell books to not give you a spell by eating them but instead to show you their Spell Research "recipe"). I meant to replace most - if not all - spells in the game with recipe-like books that you're meant to study to actually progress. If you don't plan on using the tome replacer, this mod is only useful for the Overlord, Arcane Archery and Wildcat integrations.

I highly recommend merging the esps; they only launch the scripts when spell research is importing them.

Spell Research Semi-Automatic Patch Generator
This is my modified version of the zEdit patcher used in the Spell Research Semi-Automatic Patch Generator. You only need this if you plan on making patches for multiple spell mods, so you don't have to generate a separate patch for each out.json you export. I will not be detailing what the process for this is, as you can read it on the mod page linked above - other than the fact that I changed the out.json to instead be placed in the Data folder (I supplied a wildcat .json as an example). You then just write the json name in the settings of the zedit patcher, as a list where each new line is a new json file.

My modification changes the following:
    - Supports taking in multiple jsons at a time and exporting a merged esp;
    - Made subfolders for "Data" (input jsons) and "Output" (output psc);
    - In lieu of the changes above, the settings are now used to specify the names of the json files (I couldn't get it to work with setting it to "out.json" by default when there are no jsons specified, could use some help on that);
    - The name of the scripts are derived from the json file. Should speed up compiling patches;
    - Beautified the message output in the zEdit window;
    - Fixed the "X spell mod detected. re-run the spell research import" message not showing the spell mod.

You still need to compile the scripts afterwards (I recommend setting up PCA, makes it super easy).