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  1. UNI00SL
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    Amulets of Skyrim SSE version has been uploaded!
    All outfit files are downloaded separately from the main file. If we want that the guards put on their hold amulets, we need the outfit file installed.
    I hope that you continue to enjoy these amulets in Skyrim Special Edition ;)

    Thank you very much for your comments, endorsements and supports!
  2. criches1984
    • supporter
    • 4 posts
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    I am hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction, I have used the console to obtain a unenchanted thieves guild Amulet but when I go to an enchanting table the Amulet is there but won't let me put any of my learned enchantments on it, have I accidentally broke something in the mod or is there something about the enchanting process on this particular Amulet I am missing?
  3. laidback99
    • member
    • 212 posts
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    Hello I'm using CBBE Bodyslide and none of amulets are showing on top of my armor even though I installed the raised meshes. How can I configure this please? I really want to see amulets on top of my armor :)
  4. laurenlalena
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    I got this mod after I completed Azura's quest, but when I went to Nelecar's room I cannot find the amulet for the life of me. Where did you place it exactly?
    1. Nakeela
      • supporter
      • 14 posts
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      I know this is 2 years late, but there might be someone else somewhere with the same problem.

      It's on top of the counter in Nelecar's room, but there's 2 different versions of the necklace depending on which choice you took during the story-line. I think ending the Quest is the trigger to actually spawning the amulet, so completing the Quest before picking up the mod might make it so it doesn't spawn.

      You will probably have to use the console command to get to the test-room to pick it up:
      "Cell: aaaSL01AmuletsRoom (The console command "coc aaaSL01AmuletsRoom")"
  5. Nakeela
    • supporter
    • 14 posts
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    Hello there (:

    I am currently using this mod and have fallen in love with the Amulet of Black Star. It allows me to get rid of all my lesser soulgems without having to worry about the Grand and Black ones being filled with petty and lesser souls.

    I have run into an issue though:
    The spell effect for the necklace always turns on in combat and I play in first person as a vampire with a lot of mods that make nights and interiors very dark. The spell effect is VERY bright and actually blinds me a little bit when I sit in the dark and immerse myself into the game. It even turns on when no NPC or creature with any kind of soul is within the necklace's range.

    I am not nifty at all with any game-file tweaks and I tried looking in settings and modfiles to find away to turn off the effect, but to no avail. Can anyone help me? I would hate to get rid of this necklace and its effects.
  6. les8ean13
    • supporter
    • 25 posts
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    is there an amulet of Meridia? i know there's amulets for the other daedric prices, but i can't find hers
  7. stoaty6666
    • premium
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    hi love the mod one question are there any amulets at the sites of the dragon masks.thanks
  8. LethalSK
    • member
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    When will you add the display case in the Legacy of the Dragonborn for SSE?
  9. BuzzMonkey21
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    This mod was added to the game but it did not add the display to the legacy of the dragonborn gallery, anyway to fix this?
  10. }{ellKnight
    • premium
    • 2,391 posts
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    The Better Vampires patch breaks the turn off sunlight weaknesses options (stuff like stamina regen or magica regen debuffs) in BV. You didn't copy over all the conditions (the ones that evaluate the BVW variables) in the Weakness spells that enables that functionality in BV.
  11. PyroGun
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    Hey! Great mod! One issue- when I download the mod, and install it via Vortex , LOOT tells me that the "plugins masters need sorting". It's just a message, with no errors LOOT finds. What do? Is this an issue?