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This mod adds a lot of amulet (and a few rings) to Skyrim and gives these amulets to some named NPCs.

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Amulets of Skyrim

This mod adds over 230 new amulets (and a few rings) to Skyrim and gives these amulets to some named NPCs. Most of amulets are placed at several locations and some amulets are sold by Amulet merchant who is in the Ragged Flagon. Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius have their own unique amulet.
This mod is the SSE version of Amulets of Skyrim.
- This mod doesn't change any quests, NPC's data, or Vendor's chest, and seems to be compatible with most of other mods.
- This mod has better compatibility with Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. But we don't need the unofficial patch as master files. This mod will work without the unofficial patch.
- Has the compatibility with Immersive Jewelry's enchanting system.

Rings of Dragon Priest for the base game by testiger2
Thank you very much for the special rings!

- German translation by Penetrator3 (Nexus)
- French translation by Oaristys (La Confrérie des Traducteurs)

9 Hold Amulets (for Thane, Jarl and guards)

Thane amulet is given to the player, when the jarl names the player Thane. Thane amulet of the Rift isn't given from the jarl. The courier will deliver the Rift thane amulet.

:: Amulets for soldiers and officers ::

Guild Amulets
(Companions, College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild, Nightingale and Dark Brotherhood)

Rings for Main Quest

Amulets and Rings of Dragon Priest

You can convert all Dragon Priest masks to amulets(or rings) or convert amulets(or rings) to masks at the tanning rack.

Amulets of Daedric Artifact

If the player have already finished daedric quests before installing this mod, some amulets are added to the inventory at loading the game.

Amulets of Birthsign

The Other Amulets

Amulets for Dawnguard (DLC)

Amulets for Dragonborn(DLC)

:: Removing pre-enchantments of amulets and the other non-enchanted amulets ::

You can burn off pre-enchantments of some amulets at Skyforge from 6:00AM to 20:00PM and can take back pre-enchantments at Skyforge from 0:00AM to 3:00AM.
After removing pre-enchantments, it is possible to enchant burned amulets at an arcane enchanter.

List of amulets from which you can burn off pre-enchantments
  • Daedric Artifact amulets (except for Hircine Ring Amulet and Namira Ring Amulet)
  • Nightingale amulet
  • Amulet of Boethiah
  • Harkon's Molag Bal amulet
  • Vyrthur's black Auriel amulet
  • Miraak's tentacle amulet(the tentacle amulet will die in the fire of Skyforge, but will be resurrected by the same fire at midnight.)

There are the other pre-enchanted amulets(and rings). If you want to get those non-enchanted versions, visit this mod's test room mentioned in the last section in this page. All non-enchanted versions from the base game are in a strongbox above a fireplace and all non-enchanted amulets from DLC are in each amulet chest summoned by the console command.

:: Getting left-handed rings ::

This is the mod for amulets, but this mod have a few rings.
All rings have left-handed version and the left-handed rings use the Biped Object slot 60. The left-handed rings don't show up in the first person view.

Dragon priest rings, Ring of the Voice, Ring of Jurgen Windcaller and two Dragonborn rings:
You can craft left-handed rings from right-handed rings at a tanning rack. If you enchanted a Dragonborn ring or ring of the voice, the enchantment will be lost at crafting the other hand ring.

Gold ring, Silver ring and Thalmor ring:
Buy the left-handed rings from the Amulet Trader in the Ragged Flagon or Madesi in Riften. Those rings' left-handed version cann't be crafted.

Lifted up Mesh file

All amulet meshes fit to a bare chest, so an amulet is under the clothes.
This optional mesh is another version of amulet mesh. A pendant top is lifted up more than a main file's. An amulet will be over the clothes or the thin armor.
These meshes are loose files. If you uninstall these manually, delete  "SL00AmuletMesh" folder in "Data/mesh" folder.

Outfit file

The optional file distributes amulets to guards and soldiers of the world. This file changes their outfit data. All outfit files are compatible with Immersive Armors.

:: Choose only one file and activate it ::

The optional file is compatible with a mod which changes the leveled lists of guards and soldiers, and it conflicts with a mod which changes their outfits.
There are the following two files. Use one of them.

All Optional file name

  • SL01AmuletsSkyrimDGDB_Outfit.esp : The regular version. This is not compatible with other mods which changes guards and soldiers outfit data.
  • SL01AmuletsSkyrimDGDB_Outfit_WICloaks.esp : the compatible file with the full version of  "Winter is Coming - Cloaks". If you have the version of Craft Only or No Guard, please try the regular version above.

Manual install (Main file)

Unzip the zip file of this mod. Extract the following files from the unzipped files and locate them to the "Data" folder of Skyrim Special Edition.

  1. SL01AmuletsSkyrim.esp
  2. SL01AmuletsSkyrim.bsa
  3. SL01AmuletsSkyrim - Textures.bsa

Manual uninstall

Delete the following files and folders from the Data folder.
- SL01AmuletsSkyrim.esp
- SL01AmuletsSkyrim.bsa
- SL01AmuletsSkyrim - Textures.bsa
- mesh/SL00AmuletMesh folder (if you installed the lifted up mesh files)
- Optional files (listed in the above section)

:: Test room of Amulets ::

There is the test room of all amulets. Visit the test room with the console command, if need be.
It doesn't recommended to get the daedric artifact amulets before finishing the quests.