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Adds silver bolts to the game and integrates them seamlessly, they have additional effects when used against undead or werebeast enemies. Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Effect is based on the alternate silver perk from Know Your Enemy, however KYE is not a requirement.

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Adds silver bolts to the game. They have the same basic stats as steel bolts, but when shot into an undead or werebeast enemy they have additional effects, setting undead ablaze and causing werecreatures to bleed. By default they can be purchased from the usual Dawnguard NPCs, found carried by Dawnguard members, and placed in the world in some parts of the Dawnguard HQ (replacing steel bolts), and crafted if you meet the requirements to craft steel bolts.

The effects applied to struck enemies are vanilla magic effects, and they are identical in effect and potency to the ones inflicted by the alternate Silver Perk in tjhm4's Know Your Enemy, as I made this mod to use along with it, however KYE is not strictly a requirement, the base version only requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Included in the FOMOD installer are several compatibility patches for other mods, as detailed below:

  • Immersive Patrols II: Dawnguard NPCs from IPII will use silver bolts instead of steel.
  • Glorious Fort Dawnguard: Most Dawnguard NPCs from GFD will use silver bolts instead of steel, and some steel bolts placed in the world are replaced with silver.
  • Bolt Vendors: Adds silver bolts to merchants along with the other types.
  • Know Your Enemy: Changes the undead bolt effect to check for KYE's Undead perk rather than checking by race. Note: this REQUIRES a proper KYE installation using its zEdit patcher. Also note that this patch won't make any real difference against most common enemies like draugr and vampires, but it will make the bolt effect compatible with enemies added by other mods that are flagged Undead in KYE.
  • Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim: Makes the bolts' werebeast effect additionally check for Growl's lycanthrope keyword.
  • Craftable Crossbows: Changes the crafting requirements of the bolts accordingly. The patch for Craftable Crossbows + Ars Metallica is for the base version, not for the alternate Immersive or 2x versions, I most likely will not add additional support for the other versions, if you want to do so you'll have to do it yourself in xEdit.

All plugins are ESL-flagged to save space in your load order. A Bashed or Smashed patch may be necessary, particularly if you use other mods changing Dawnguard NPCs in any way.