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Reduces the frequency of random dragon attacks. Three tiers to choose from. 10%, 20% or 35%.

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Less Dragons 2019-SSE 
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The Less Frequent Dragons  Mod, converted for SSE

Less Dragons-2018 SSE is, simply put, a mod that reduces the amount of random spawns and dragon attacks. That means when out walking, or fast travelling to a town or village you'll be less likely to hear that roar and think "Oh no, not AGAIN".

Why make a mod that reduces Dragon attacks?
I was certainly excited when I fought my first Dragon. By the time I'd fought my twentieth it was getting old.
Dragon fights are supposed to be epic, and should feel epic. That means that they should be difficult and not an everyday occurrence
(or every ten minutes as the case may be). Plenty of other mods have done wonders to make dragons more threatening, but unfortunately there's not much that's been done on making them less... irritatingly common.

How does it do it?
This mod works by attaching a random number generator condition to the event that spawns dragons in the wilderness or attacking towns and villages.
It generates a number between 0 and 99 and if that number isn't less than or equal to thirty-five or twenty or ten, no dragon appears.
The Main Quest options only reduce dragon spawns after you've beaten the main quest.

What about the Dragons at Word Walls?
They're untouched, when you want to fight a Dragon you should go hunt it, not wait around till it bumps into you whilst burning down a village.
That's sort of the point of the mod, Dragons should be something you seek out as the Dovahkiin, not an annoying screeching thing that follows you around everywhere being more of a nuisance than a threat. That's just a Cliff Racer.

Is it compatible with other Dragon Mods?
Less Dragons SSE should work with any of them, but just in case make sure it's lower/after the mod in the load order. 
Combining Less Dragons with a dragon difficulty mod will give you best of both worlds. Dragons will be both difficult and challenging,
(depending on the mod), AND they will be not be near as common as say, foxes, wolves, or..... butterflies.

Does this mod have a no random(0%) option?
Sort of.

Less dragons has a (nearly) 0% beta version you can try if you looking for a (almost) no random attack option.

About: The confusing description 
The 10, 20, 35% refer to the theoretical chance of a random dragon attack to take place: a random number (1-100) is thrown by the game engine and if this number is less or equal to x, a dragon attack will occur.
This means that 20%(1 in 5) is the theoretical chance to encounter a random dragon, not the value of the "reduced chance".
10% is quite rare (theoretically based on the random number generation...).

What can I expect to see in game?
To use an extreme example:  You, could, in theory, encounter 5 random dragon attacks in a row, and then never see one again for 200+ fast-travels.  
LD 35 is geared for those that would like to see them fairly often, but still less than vanilla. This is as close to vanilla as the mod allows.
LD 20 lies between the option of rare vs somewhat common. 
Using LD 10 attacks will be rare occurrences, but they can and  will occur from time to time, so be ready for it! 

10% = Very rare: 1 in 10
   20% = Uncommon: 1 in 5
   35% = Semi Common ~ 1 in 3
Vanilla = Every other time you fast travel.

Less Dragons Bruma
Bruma disables dragon attacks for its worldspaces. LD BSB, takes this into account, while applying LD 2019s feature set for vanilla worldspaces.

If part of your play-style is to put off doing the entire main quest line due to the harassment of endless(and unrealistic frequency) of random dragon attacks, this is no longer necessary if using this file. Dragons will be (mostly) confined to word walls @ LD 10 for example. So if the above describes you, dont worry.
Just trigger the main quest, w/o  having to endure endless attacks by dragons dropping in like flies.
I used to put off the main quest till last over this issue, but that blocks certain content. With Less Dragons, this is no longer a concern.


Extract manually, or install via your Mod Manager.
This will install and enable all three options to your data folder.
Leave only ONE ESP enabled (active) via your mod manager. Disable or delete the other two you don't want.
You can leave the other ESPs in your data folder(inactive) if you decide you might wish to alter the frequency at a later time. 
Otherwise, feel free to delete the other 2 ESP's.
Updated for USSEP 4.1.6+ (but does not require it)

Less Dragons is very lightweight and uses vanilla mechanics to work its magic (ahem).
Contains no scripts and can be removed or switched on the fly and should cause no save issues.

 Is this display name taken? Original mod and concept

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