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Place a grand soul gem in the Altar of the Revenant during the midnight hour and it will be corrupted into a black soul gem. Based on the Shadow of the Revenant from Oblivion.

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A Necromancer from Cyrodiil using the darkest of her arts awoke an altar near Lake Ilinalta. During the Midnight hour each night a bright shaft of foul light rises from the altar marking the time that soul gems may be corrupted.

Find this altar between midnight and 1:00 am near Lakeview Manor. The stone can only be opened during the midnight hour. Look for the beacon of light during the appointed time. Place empty grand soul gems in the altar and transform them into black soul gems. Be sure to remove them before 1:00 am. Or you will have to wait until the midnight to open the altar and retrieve them.

This is based on a vanilla game mechanic from Oblivion called Shade of the Revenant.

Vanilla items around and on the altar were moved to the side, not deleted.

  1. Click the altar between midnight and 1 am.
  2. Choose Open.
  3. Move your grand soul gems into the Altar (it's just a container).
  4. Close the inventory window.
  5. Click the altar again and choose Corrupt Grand Soul Gem.
  6. A noise will play.
  7. Open the Altar and retrieve your black soul gems.

Created in CK64. Cleaned in SSEedit.

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