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A quaint home for the evil alchemist/necromancer/conjurer in Falkreath Hold, with room for a spouse and companion who don't mind your evildoings. And you can always visit your neighborhood necromancers nearby, although they may not appreciate you dropping by. But hey, more bodies for your experiments!

Permissions and credits
All DLCs needed (hearthfire, dragonborn, dawnguard)

Quaint Lair is a lovely little home for the evil necromancer/alchemist/conjurer. Room for spouse and a follower, has a couple slightly-unique items, shrines, and a respawning skeleton container. Key is in the 'rock' by the steps outside(didn't end up planting it on a body, instead you get hidden chest/illusion)-rock is also safe storage/owned by you).

-fully navmeshed for followers
-extra key on dresser.
-many various containers for safe storage, some named
-enchanting, alchemy, and cooking.
-a few weapon plaques and stands, dagger displays('invisible' ones as if Player just, set their dagger down-on the dresser, and under the stairs), several shield plaques
-Unique skeleton container, /DOES/ respawn, so do not put anything in there!
-Unique-ish weapon, 'Helper' waraxe, you can guess what the former owner used it for. Slightly faster and does more damage than usual too.
-double bed for you and spouse (need a follower mod of some kind/AFT or MHiYH or something)
-various ingredients and items, some respawning and some not for le immersion
-two regular bookshelves and one beneath the shrines
-a journal on the table in the cellar, for some background.
-Boethiah and Mephala shrines with different mesh appearance; unique Molag Bal and Namira shrines/blessings.
-a fair amount of idles for followers
-one follower bed(need follower mod of some kind)
-a door in the cellar leading to another on the outside, as an escape route of sorts-leads straight outside, no other room/passageway interior between them.
-window light 'reflects' the weather/lighting outside/gets darker at night; indoor lighting will also greatly vary depending on what sort of lighting mod you have

-key is in the rock (see images)
-armor workbench, tanning rack, anvil, sharpening wheel-anvil, sharpening wheel, and armor workbench are 'unique' so followers don't use them.
-the chests and 'rock' are safe storage.
-a few mushrooms and flowers around to pick
-a small, simple vegetable garden
-pretty scenery, great views-that is, if you don't have a tree mod like 'bigger trees'; otherwise you won't see much of anything.
-a few idles for followers
-right next to your Nice Neighborhood Necromancer's Nook/altar and a dragonmound thingy!

there are no hearthfire planters or beds for kids, no smelter, no staff enchanter, no spider-making machine, no mannequins.

Thanks for your interest ^-^ I hope you enjoy it if you decide to download.

some of the mods/textures which I have downloaded that ya can see in screenshots....
majestic mountains
skyrim 3d plants
skyland landscape textures
high poly project
skyrim 3d furniture
enhanced vanilla trees, I believe
and other lovely mods from talented modders on the nexus :)