Skyrim Special Edition

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The Imperial Legion is launching a major attack in Valenwood in an attempt to take the province back for the Empire. Join with the Imperial assault forces as you and your allies battle against the Thalmor, and march from city to city in a struggle for control over the nation of Valenwood.

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Xbox version available here (be sure to also download parts 2 & 3 from there) -- special thanks to xilamonstrr for the port

Travel to Valenwood, but there will be no sightseeing. Emperor Titus Meade the 2nd has made his next move, and now The Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion are no longer under any treaties. The end of the 4th Era is here, and rebellions have been sprung. Armies of the Empire are on the move, and Valenwood is in their sights. The start of a new Empire is here; The Empire strikes back...

Team up with the Imperial assault forces as you and your allies travel within Valenwood, taking the province back city by city. You will also be joined by the native Bosmer and Khajiit populations to help route the Thalmor out. Long have they been oppressed by the iron boots of the Aldmeri Dominion and now that the Empire is striking back, the Bosmer and Khajiit will help you out in your struggle; not all Bosmer are friendly though...

The Thalmor have strong fortifications throughout Valenwood, and some battles will be tougher than others, however The Empire means serious business and have elite soldiers, LOTS of elite soldiers flooding down into Valenwood. Everywhere from Solitude to Anvil to the Imperial City, the Imperial Legion means to win this fight. The cities in Valenwood, however, are not the only places where you'll encounter Thalmor at though...

How to start:
Head to the Solitude docks and board the ship called "The Avenger" (see screenshot attached). Look for a trap door at the end of the ship and open it. Welcome to the Imperial Navy!

- Skyrim SE version 1.5.73 and up
- All DLC's (Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfires)
- A mod like this one to increase the number of active NPC's you can have in a cell

Use NMM to install, simply double-click the mod in the "Mods" tab of NMM after it has finished downloading
or Download manually and open the .rar file.
Place the contents of the VALENWOOD_ASSAULT folder into the DATA folder, click "yes" to merge folders.
Activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp and esm files.
Additional Things to have:
Health, magicka and stamina potions... A LOT OF POTIONS (not a mod requirement, but really, you'll want to be almost over encumbered by potions)!!
- Bring a bunch of followers to help you and your allies out (again, not a mod requirement, however you'll want as much help as you can get).
- The original Valenwood mod is not required (but download it anyways so you can endorse it!)

Additional Things to know:
- There is a book on the Avenger called "Valenwood"
 Read it!

- It's very easy to get lost while exploring Valenwood. Southeast Valenwood especially is quite a maze, and even I, theblackfist, still get confused on where to go to get to one of the cities down there! Here's my advice to avoid getting lost:
Stay with your allies! The Imperials will be with you at first, but you can also choose to join your Stormcloak allies up north or the Wood Elf natives (also your allies) to the east

- If your allies travel to one city but stay there and don't travel to the next city, try this:
De-load the cell (start traveling to a different city until the cell your allies are in drops off), then travel back to where you were

- If you get freezes/crashes or other problems (save game corruption) when entering Valenwood off the boat or when traveling to the Avenger in Solitude:
Manually download the mod instead of downloading it through a mod manager

- If your game locks up or crashes frequently while in Valenwood:
Start a new game. I use a 2GB video RAM graphics card and this mod runs well with it, your issue is most likely save game bloat which can only be fixed for good by starting a fresh new game

Easy battles -
Woodhearth, Silvenar, Arenthia, Southpoint

Challenging battles -
Greenheart, Elden Root

Hard battles (for level 40 or higher characters) -
Falinesti, Haven

Yes, you can explore the entire province of Valenwood! None of this would be possible without Colemanallen1987 making the original Valenwood mod though, so please, go checkout his mod too and give it an endorsement! Coleman has outdone himself by creating this beautiful landscape that has some top notch-stunning design work and creativity with it, but words cannot describe how thoughtful and well made he built Valenwood, since it's hard to resist capturing screenshots of it!

There is a world map of Valenwood, but you may want to stick with where your Imperial, Nord and Wood Elf allies go, because they have the battle plans on where to go to next in capturing the province. In other words, most of the province is still not navmeshed, and the soldiers will only be able to travel on those areas that are navmeshed. The whole province is navmeshed and you are free to go where you like. Note however you're in Thalmor territory and if you wander too far away from your allies, you may fall into a Thalmor trap...

All in all though know this, the fighting may be easy at first, but it would be wise to save as many of your allies as you can since the Thalmor are a lot more ready for you further in the province.Both Falinesti and Haven are especially tough cities to capture! The Thalmor queen resides in Falinesti and a high ranking Thalmor general, coordinating the entire Thalmor force in the province, is stationed in Haven. As a result, both cities are locked down extra tight. Your Nord and Imperial allies will attempt to take Falinesti while the native Wood Elves (also an ally) will launch an attack on Haven. If you decide to join the attack on either of these two cities, don't be surprised if you find yourself retreating a lot!

Special Thanks:
- Colemanallen1987 for permissions to release this modified version of his Valenwood mod (see screenshot attached)
- All those Nexus users supplying Coleman with modders resources allowing him to create all of Valenwood (I can put your name here, just let me know and I'll add you :)  )
- Newermind43 for permissions to include the Elven Archer Armor and SydneyB for the retexture!
- Darkfox127 for the tutorial on navmeshing
- Surtshellir for the additional navmesh boundaries
- Custom soundtrack produced by Brittle Bluestem
- Ares for the awesome Bosmer Battle Music -- (From Ares: "Royalty free: Just use them, pls don't ask.")
- Wolfstorm in supplying a patch file for horse support
- Maxsssnake for assisting me with all of this

Author's note:
I really want to thank this whole community here on Nexus for supporting and motivating me to keep moving the ball forward on this!  This started off as a personal mod and all I was going to do with it was just clean out the excess meshes / textures from the original Valenwood mod by Coleman, and have a cool new province to explore; never thought I'd get this far with Valenwood. Honestly, without you guys and gals showing your love for the mod; whether that's a new image, new videos, suggestions, bug reports, comments... all of it, the first version I released (0.40) would of been the only version I released of this. A lot of new modding tricks I learned along the way building this out but hey, didn't we all so that we can keep an 11+ year game alive and well all these years?! Love you all!