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Adds pack of multiple Vex (Robot) themed armors to Skyrim, (Ported from Destiny 2) Includes an ESL option for those who wish for a clean LO.

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This mod adds 3 standalone armor sets to Skyrim from Bungie's ''Destiny 2: Shadowkeep'' into Skyrim.

There is a LOT to grab in this mod which will be listed at the bottom alongside some questions and answers.

You can find the armor within 3 chests inside Septimus Signus' Outpost that'll respawn after a while should you lose the armor (So you can make a bit of gold by selling the armor over and over).

The ''Hunter'' armor is light while the ''Warlock'' and ''Titan'' armor is heavy.

All the armors have the stats of ebony. Extra pieces (Such as the Cloak, Mark or Bond) have stats similar to the ebony helmet.

The armor can be tempered if you have the ebony smithing perk.

There are no gauntlets for individual sets, but there is one pair of gloves that can optionally be used for every set which can be found in every chest. (Phenotype Gloves)

What can you get in this mod?

In the Hunter Chest you will find:
  • Phenotype Mask (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Vest (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Strides

  • Phenotype Cloak (5 variants)

In the Warlock Chest you will find:
  • Phenotype Hood (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Robe (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Boots

  • Phenotype Bond

  • Phenotype Cloth

In the Titan Chest you will find:
  • Phenotype Helm (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Plate (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Greaves

  • Phenotype Mark (2 variants)

  • Phenotype Wings

  • Phenotype Mounted Blade

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I mix and match different pieces?
A: Yes, there may be some slight clipping issues depending on the combination, send me your best combos if you want!

Q: The armor doesn't have the same look as in Destiny 2, Why?
A: Skyrim just doesn't have as advanced/any tools/materials/shaders to keep up with newer games, Elder Scrolls 6 may not have this issue though.

Q: Can I request an armor pack?
A: Yes you can! There are not guarantees I can do it though as I am busy a lot of the time with life and work. 

Q: What if you don't want to do my request?
A: There's a chance that if I don't want to do it, it's because the model either hasn't been ripped, or has been done already by Adventfather. You can find him here:

Q: Where do you get your assets from? 
A: I get them from the Destiny Model Rips discord server! A great Legal server to grab models and use them in other works so long as you do not charge for them. (Invite link in the Credits section)

Q: Why do some of the torso ''cores'' glow more than in each screenshots?
A: There are 2 variants of every chest piece which offers a ''Bright'' and ''Dim'' glow option.

Bungie allows porting of Destiny 1 & 2 content so long as said mods meets a few requirements. (Check screenshots)


Huge thanks to the Destiny Model Rips server and Thejudsub for ripping the original assets in this mod! Without their community this wouldn't be possible!

GlAssassin who takes all of these stunning screenshots and creating the ESL files expecting nothing in return! Please check him out and endorse his work!

Sir Tiltalot for testing the early edition of this mod! They're one of the reasons I decided to make this mod in a way that allows you have such diverse customisation options! 

Bungie for allowing users to port their Destiny content with few requirements! Their game has had heart and soul put into it and I encourage you all to try Destiny 2 for yourself, it's free! And I know you can afford free!

Endorse if you like it, Share to others who love Skyrim & Destiny, Comment bugs for me to Fix, And Enjoy!