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Ancano custom follower and replacer.

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If you are a Thalmor fan like me, and dislike the ending when Ancano is defeated, this mod is for you. This mod adds an Ancano follower wich is imprisoned in the Midden beneath the collage for his crimes. To make it immersive there is a table at Arch-Mage's quarters with a strongbox on. Inside you find a letter from Tolfdir and a key to Ancano's prison door. It is meant that you don't steal it and only open the strongbox after you become the Arch-Mage. I recommed to not explore the Midden to much, before you are the Arch-Mage XD

Ancano Follower:
- Uses vanilla lines and sound, he will sound like the "real" Ancano.
- Uses same stats as "real" Ancano.
- Is meant to use without a weapon, he is a pure mage.
- Not marriable, Thalmor's are on duty!
- You can track him while he waits.
- Made especially for female players.
- Will use whatever textures you are using.

* If the follow dialogue wont show up for the first time, just quicksave and reload. 

There is two main files to choose from:

(1) Follower Ancano with custom look and highpoly head. Does also include a replacer for "real" Ancano.
(2) Follower Ancano have the vanilla look. Does not include a replacer for "real" Ancano.

- Not compatible with mods that alter Ancano's meshes.
- Unsure if the mod will work with follower frameworks since he is custom. I personally use AFT, but it's slightly incompatible and adds an double dialouge option, still works though.