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The skull of an ancient creature wearable by all races, male and female. Craftable and upgradeable.

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The skull of an ancient, 4-horned reptile crafted into a wearable helmet. I've made 3 different palette swaps - default, bloodied and blackened. The only difference is cosmetic. The attributes are the same for each one.
It can be located in a chest outside North Brittleshin Pass but can also be crafted using bone meal, void salts and either a daedra heart, human heart or human flesh depending on which version you want. It can also be tempered.

The helmet is wearable by all races, male and female though on male Argonians you can see the spikes on the side and back of their heads poking through it a bit.

Thanks to Her515 and Redd and everyone else in Darkfox127's Discord for helping me out with Max and Nifskope and the Creation Kit.

Check out Her515's mods here


Don't upload my mod to any other site & do not use it in your own without asking first please.
If you want to use my mod in your own mod then please contact me first & I'll consider it.

Thanks to S.Silin (Ikari) for featuring my mod on YouTube :