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Fixes the enemies that will teleport after being unfrozen from Cold Snap.

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Firstly, Skiamach pointed out this fix in the comments of the original mod last year, but I didn't see a fix uploaded and so decided to put it out just in case there are those who only look at required files and not the comments (like me).

Secondly, this changes a single record regarding the effect Cold Snap, so that it freezes entities correctly, nothing else. ESL file. Load after Forgotten Magic Redone, obviously.

Rather than downloading this, you could change the record on the mod yourself. As Skiamach originally put:

"On the form for vICELfreezeFF which can be found under Magic Effect, change the value of "Assoc. Item 1" from "UnarmedDamage" to "Paralysis"
I have only tested a little bit, but this seems to resolve the issue of the target of an Ice Lance's Cold Snap moving invisibly after being frozen."