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This mod replaces almost every music in the game!

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Thanks for over 2000 endorsments to the original file!!! Incredible! Who would think that for this simple mod?!! I'm sorry that I'm not fullfilling some of your requests, like a more consistent version of this mod, but I dont have the time, maybe someday!

Now i have updated this mod for Special edition, and i've started updating for dragonborn DLC with Wind Waker music. 

This mod replaces almost every music in the game with Zelda ones, dont worry, its only from the classic old games, when the game were realy good, like
"A Link to the Past", "Ocarina of Time", "Majoras Mask", and finaly, the not so very classic; "Twilight Princess", I needed this music for the night music in the game, but i made my best to keep it classic! And it fits Skyrim very well!

Sorry about the music stopping in the ins when a bard starts to play, cant fix it, even taking thier music out off the game didnt fix it.

Credits to the games! Nintendo, im most greatfull that you made them, hope you may find your way back to that, thats the real Zelda games.

Also much, much cred to "Zelda reorchestrated; ZREO" for remaking the wonderful music from the zelda games, its their music i've put in the mod. i recomend you all to visit the site and litsen to their wonderfull work!

Please report bugs in the comment field, thank you :)
This mod probably wont work togheter with any other music mod. Sound-mods should work fine, but maybe they dont.

Compatible with Fantasy Soundtrack Project.

New version 1.2!
added sound effects for unlocking locks.
added sound effects for choosing a perk when you level up.

Version 1.1
Missed two town/village musics, fixed that.
Missed one level-up music, fixed that.
Missed one explore music, fixed that.
Added more dungeon music.
Removed unecessary files.
fixed level-up sound