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Just a simple little .esl plug in that changes the color of the fog shader around your player during heavy storms.

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Dark Fog Begone SE

Version 1.0

Reason for this mod:

During set up and tweaking of my game's ENB to adjust color, lighting etc I noticed that during heavy rainstorms my character had a dark fog swirling around them obstructing the view, and just being generally annoying, and immersion breaking to me.
Turns out this is also present in the vanilla game but not as noticeable without ENB.
I wanted to be able to see to play so made this for my own use.
Sharing it for anyone who dislikes this effect like I do.

What this mod does:

Simply edits the color of the near fog during the 3 storm weathers from dark muddy blueish to white.

The fog will still be there but it won't be super dark and obstructing your view.


Do what you want with it.

Final thoughts:

Hope this helps someone remove the annoying dark fog lingering around your player's head during rainstorms so they can enjoy their game. :)