Skyrim Special Edition

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Adds 9 High Poly, Akaviri/Asian based followers + presets with custom armour and weapons to various locations around Skyrim.

Small backstory below, in case you're interested.

Also beware of nude shots, you are gonna see some balls.

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Any Samurai Champloo fans?

Backstory of the Order of The Hidden Blades:

A secretive millitant order which quietly came into being after the dissolution of the Blades.
Their mission statement is to serve the Dragonborn in any way and to raise them to the throne of Emperor of Tamriel.

Location: Falkreath, Dead Man's Drink
Backstory: A former moth priest who was expelled from the order for drinking, gambling and womanizing...
He now travels the land, debating philosophy and getting into arguements, for which his quarterstaff is quite handy when things go sour...

Location: Windhelm, Temple of Talos
Backstory: A former imperial Soldier who was granted Knighthood for distinguishing service in the army...
With this honour however comes a legend of bloodthirsty slaughter.

Location: Solitude, Blue Palace
Backstory: One of the last surviving practitioners of Akaviri Shamanism and the last member to teach his special magic
to others and has tought each member of the order. There is a rumor that he is over 100 years old.
He is also named after an Akaviri Wind God.

Location: Whiterun, Dragosreach
Backstory: A former street urchin and pickpocket, she was adopted into the secretive order alongside another orphan, Kogo.
After surviving the Order's harsh training together, she and Kogo grew close, becoming like brother and sister.