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This mod replaces draugrs with skeletons. They keep vanilla draugr types and level.

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This mod replaces vanilla draugrs with skeletons. They keep vanilla draugr types and level.

Draugrs models are replaced with skeletons. Some skeletons have iron armor parts (mid and high level skeletons).

Some helmet models (female models) are replaced with steel helmet models (standard and horned), so they have more helmet variety and vanilla draugrs helmets are more common than steel helmets (as always, their armor and helmet are usually not-lootable).

Draugrs names have been appropriately replaced (Skeleton, Restless Skeleton, Skeleton Wight, Skelton Scourge, Skeleton Overlord, Skeleton Death Lord, Skeleton Death Overlord).

All skeletons now have 20% damage resistance against bows and swords, and 10% resistance against axes. This is not a big change, but now it worth to have a mace to break bones.

Vanilla skeletons have same resistances, and they also take half damage from any attack (poor vanilla skeletons were too weak, now are similar to basic draugrs).

Iron weapons, hunting bow and long bow are added to draugrs leveled item lists, but ancient nord weapons are more common.

New shield created and added to draugrs leveled item lists: "Ancient Shield". Ancient Shield stats are like iron shield, and it is temperable. Ancient Shield model is the hold guards shield model but without painting.

New spell created (unplayable): "Conjure Skeleton". Restless Skeleton and Skeleton Wight use Conjure Skeleton instead of Frost Bite, Skeleton Scourge uses Conjure Skeleton instead of Conjure Frost Atronach (as always, only warlock variants use spells).

Static lootable dead draugrs are replaced with skeletons, so you can't know if they are dead or not (dead-dead or undead, well, dead but not living or not dead, you understand me!). Exception: Wrapped draugrs are not replaced (they was mummified).

Me he tomado ciertas libertades para la tradución. Los nombres originales ya estaban cogidos por hilos y al cambiarlos para este mod quedaban aun peor ("criatura esqueleto", "señor del azote esqueleto"...).

Los nuevos nombres son: Esqueleto, Guerrero esqueleto, Campeón esqueleto, Guardián esqueleto, Campeón guardián esqueleto, Tumulario, Señor de la cripta, Señor de los túmulos, Rey Esqueleto.

Draugr don't breathe
Highly recommended.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod
There are some very low quality stactic not-lootable skeletons. My mod does not replace them because they are included in dungeon walls models. This is solved by SMIM.

Following mods are used in screenshots:

Great bones textures.

aMidianBorn Book of Silence
Great armor textures.

Vanilla Weapon Replacer
Realistic believable weapons.

Guard Shield Rim Reforged
New rim for guards shield (and Ancient Shield).