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Addresses the Rapid Fists perk WeaponSpeedMult compatibility issue w/unarmed weapon types.

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Quick ESL patch to fix the WeaponSpeedMult compatibility issue w/unarmed weapon types for anyone using mods like Attack Speed Framework that change the way WeaponSpeedMult is calculated.

This changes three records:

  • WoMPerkA1 - Magnitude: 1.1
  • WoMPerkA2 - Magnitude: 1.2
  • WoMPerkA3 - Magnitude: 1.3
This causes the WeaponSpeedMult of a player using a mod that changes the behavior of attack speed to jump to 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.

  • WoMPerkA1 - Magnitude: 0.1
  • WoMPerkA2 - Magnitude: 0.2
  • WoMPerkA3 - Magnitude: 0.3
This changes the WeaponSpeedMult to function as intended when using something like Attack Speed Framework changing the WeaponSpeedMult to 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

For more detailed information and analysis check out DaedelicAsh's post about it: here

If you're going to use this on an existing character that has the Rapid Fists perks purchased already you will need to visit the Pillar of Rewalking and reset your perks for the values be corrected.

(Sorry for the tongue-in-cheek name~)