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A very simple mod that make radiant quest reward perk point

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Updated 5/1/2017
I have remade the mod in creation kit with USSEP loaded, hopefully it makes it compatible.
Also, Colleage radiant quests will also give u perk point,  except for those soul gem quest or recieve item for enchanting quest
Notice board is supported, but not required, though I highly recommand this mod.
furthermore, I didn't change the gold amount received after finished bounty quest, as perk point seems great enough as a reward. 

Updated: Notice board support added, finding material quest, book quest, visiting location quest will not give perk point, as those quest will make perk point too easy to obtain
plz tell me if there is any problem

You ever enjoy working on radiant quest but find the reward pointless?
U used a perk overhaul mod, but never got enough perk point?
U want to find a way to earn perk point but dont want to use cheat item?

Radiant quest gives perk point is made for you!

A very simple mod that make radiant quest reward perk point
1. Faction radiant quest include Mage guild, Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, Companion, Dawnguard, and Vampire
2. Also include Bounty Quest, with some changes on the bounty, Bandit and Fornsworn: 500, giant: 1000, Dragon:2000

I made this mod for using with Ordinator: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1137/?
but it is not required.

Also, I would like to thanks isharameradin , who gave me insight in making this mod

This is the first time I publish a file, please tell me if there is any problem, or if the file isn't working

Please ENDORSE if you like this feature!