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This is the Darksaber from Star Wars with 1 handed and 2 handed versions available. The new file has a custom lore friendly daedric looking version, as well as a Dwemer version.

Permissions and credits
Mixing elements of the Darksaber from both animated and live action, the Darksaber is now available for slaying dragons that can fly in Skyrim.  This mod contains both a one and two handed version of the weapon with stats based on the dragon weapons.  They can be crafted at any forge with the Daedric perk, or search "darksaber" in the console if you prefer. 

All of the models are crafted myself.  Courtesy to shoot646's sound update for the magicka sabers mod for providing the sounds to this as well.  This is the first mod I have ever done from start to finish so there are some things I don't understand all that well.  

Known issues and possible updates
- I cannot get the inventory image to show despite trying to use the nif both with and without the BSInvMarker.  Shouldn't be too much of an issue since it is both tested on my setup and a friend's, and the weapons show up for use in game just fine.
- This sound issue may be likely due to the game installed on my E drive rather than C, but sometimes the hum especially may mess up a little, like not hearing it at first.  Unequip and reequip seems to fix this issue, but it will likely continue looping after putting the weapon away.  Once again unequipping will stop any loops.

If you want to make custom changes to the sound yourselves, you can find them under Sound Description in the Creation Kit listed as DSATTACK1, DSDEAC1, DSHUM1, and DSIGNITE1.  Changing the db level scale should accomplish what you want, and the weapon's main info page sound level can be modified as well with the menu at the bottom "Detection Sound Level".

- In the future I'm thinking about trying to tackle animating the blade and adding a bigger glow aura around the blade (more than it already has) but for now it feels pretty good to me but feedback is always appreciated.

I hope everyone enjoys this one from a Star Wars fan!

1.1 Minor update to original now includes tempering left off.