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Adds a burial urn with ashes you can "scatter" (just a message box, nothing fancy).

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So basically, i had this roleplay idea of a character who comes to Skyrim to scatter the ashes of their relative and i tried to mod this idea into the game.

Upon activation, the mod will add a burial urn into your inventory. The urn is a misc item you can activate.
When you do activate it, there will be a prompt that will ask you whether or not you would like to scatter the ashes.
If you select "No", nothing will happen.
If you select "Yes", the urn will be lost and another message is going to appear, telling you that you feel very nice and all that.
In addition, you will gain a buff (10%) to your restoration spells for the next 5 hours.

None of the messages specify who the ashes belong to. It could be a relative, a lover, a friend, or whoever else.

The urn uses Mazte bottle mesh from Dragonborn DLC since i thought it fit.

The mod is compatible with everything since it doesn't touch any vanilla records.

You are free to do whatever you want with this mod, as long as you share it with same permissions.