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Tweaks for the Skyrim Bridges mod

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No longer supported, use my new mod instead:

Improved Bridges of Skyrim


Skyrim Bridges Tweaked

First, credit goes to bjs_336 for his mod Skyrim Bridges, and Sa547 for his custom bridge resource.

Skyrim Bridges is a really cool mod, but it changes landscape and navmesh in a few areas which often get altered by mods.
This mod replaces, tweaks some bridges in the Skyrim Bridge mod in these locations, to make it more compatible.
I also put my own spin on it and changed a few bridges to the nice model from Sa547, and changed some others slightly.

What has changed?

Locations: Whiterun, Windhelm

Enable the vanilla Bridge, Skyrim Bridges disables. Tweak the objects of the Bridge to make it look like the vanilla bridge and the elements are one piece.

And voilà no more navmesh and landscape changes needed, because Npc walk on the original Bridge.

Locations: Ivarstead, Anga's Mill, Darkwater Crossing, Hearthwood Mill:

Bridges were too cluttered or made out of single elements. I changed these Bridges to the Bridge from Sa547and implemented some of the existing decorations into the new Bridge.

Locations: Robber's Gorge

Remove most of the gore, heads on spikes etc. to make it more immersive if u use a mod which changes the location after u conquer it like:
Skyrim Realistic Conquering or Lawbringer


Should be compatible with all mods which change the locations I listed. Make sure to load these mods after my mod to be sure.

The patches for JK's Skyrim, Whiterun Market, Lantern of Skyrim II are no longer needed !
However, the patch for Cutting Room Floor is still required, because I Didn't want to make my file dependent on it !


- I don't see the changes ?
U have to compare the images with the ones on the original mod page (example: Whiterun bridge has wood removed, and original bridge enabled instead to remove necessity for navmesh, landscape changes.)

- I don't like the changes ?
Just use the original version, or make a comment what you like to see changed

- Why do I need this ?
U only need it if u have some mods which change things in the location of the bridges or like the new changes

- Was every Bridge changed ?
No, in fact most of the bridges are still the ones from Skyrim Bridges.