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Replaces or removes effects which modify Skill Rate, since they are rendered useless when used with Static Skill Leveling.

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Replaces or removes effects which modify Skill Rate, since they are rendered useless when used with Static Skill Leveling.

Static Skill Leveling by RookMeister is a fantastic (and underrated) mod - after using it in a playthrough, I knew I would be using it in every playthrough thereafter.

However, it always annoyed me when I saw effects which modify Skill Rate (how quickly skills gain levels when used). Since Static Skill Leveling makes Skill Rate have no effect, having this effect appear in an in-game description meant it was literally a broken feature. Even in the vanilla game, with just Static Skill Leveling, several fairly prominent features are rendered completely useless (eg. the Lover, Warrior, Thief, and Mage Standing Stones, and the Rested/Well Rested/Lover's Embrace effects).

I originally just threw these changes into my personal patch, but decided to separate them out and release them for others who might be annoyed by this issue. These are all just soft compatibility fixes, nothing will break if you don't use them.

All plugins are ESL-flagged ".esp" files.

Specific Patches
Vanilla (+ USSEP)
  • Removes the part of the description on the Ancient Knowledge effect that says "Blacksmithing increases 15% faster".
  • Changed the Rested/Well Rested/Lover's Comfort effects to "Stamina and Magicka regenerate 5%/10%/15% faster".
  • Changed the relevant Standing Stone effects - Lover (25% Stamina and Magicka regeneration), Warrior (50% Health regeneration), Thief (50% Stamina regeneration), and Mage (50% Magicka regeneration). These are very simplistic Standing Stone changes - I'd personally recommend overriding the changes in this plugin with a more interesting Standing Stone overhaul that doesn't have the Skill Rate effect, such as Mundus.
  • (USSEP) Changed the effect of Gift of Gab to "Prices are 5% better".
SunHelm (+ Campfire)
  • Changed the effects of the later stages of Fatigue to "Prices are 15%/25%/50% worse".
  • (Campfire) Changed the Repose perk effect to "While Well Rested, your Magicka is increased by 15 additional points". This is in line with the equivalent perks for Hunger and Thirst.
Reliquary of Myth
  • Changed the Aetherial Crown bonus effects - Warwyrd (10% Health regeneration), Magicka Manifold (10% Magicka regeneration), and Cheater's Nip (10% Stamina regeneration).
Adamant Shrines
  • Changed the Dibella blessing to "Health regenerates 25% faster". This is in line with the equivalent Stendarr (Stamina) and Akatosh (Magicka) blessings.
  • This is specifically for the "Adamant Addons - Shrines and Amulets" plugin. The patch is unnecessary if you are only using the main Adamant plugin.
Aetherius (Thanks Squidpi for pointing this one out)
  • Changed the Imperial racial effect to "You have an extra 25 Health, Magicka, and Stamina, and they regenerate 10% faster. In addition, you find extra gold in your travels". 

If anyone points out more mods with the Skill Rate effect (or if I missed any in the vanilla game or mods already listed), I would probably be able to throw together another patch if there aren't too many changes to be made. I will almost certainly do so if it's a mod I'm actually using myself.