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Adds 14 Standalone Warp-Magic spells to the game!
The Lore Of Ruin!
ESL Light Plugin!

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Warp Magic - Lore Of Ruin
Please endorse! :)

Part of my Warhammer Fantasy Mod Collection!

Adds 14 Warp Magic Shock Spells and Grimoires! (Spell Tomes)
More spells to come!

No Cell/Worldspace changes!

NEW in v2.8 - More Spells!

Craftable Grimoire Spell Tomes at the Tanning Rack!
Requires the prerequisite spells to craft:

NEW! Crack's Call
(No Prerequisites!)
(Conjure a Warp-Fissure!)

NEW! Howling Warpgale
(No Prerequisites!)
(Conjure a Warp Twister!)

NEW! Warp Blast
(Requires Thunderbolt & ChainLightning)
(Super Sparks!)

NEW! Warp Storm
(Requires Thunderbolt & Thunderstorm)
(Calls down Warp Lightning!)

NEW! Warp Scatter
(No Prerequisites!)
(Shoot Warp Fireballs!)

NEW! Warp Nova

(No Prerequisites!)

Warp Sparks
(Requires Sparks)

Warp Bolt 
(Requires LightningBolt)

Warp Cloak
(Requires Shock Cloak)

Warp Barrier
(Requires Wall Of Storms)

Warp Thunderbolt
(Requires Thunderbolt)

Warp Chain Lightning
(Requires Chain Lightning)

Warp Rune
(Requires Shock Rune)

Warp Beam
(Requires Thunderstorm)

Use alongside Skaven Of Skyrim and Collect Warpstone!

While I would love to make these spells accessible to Skaven, they use a modified Riekling skeleton and Rieklings don't contain casting animations.
If anyone can lend me some ideas as to how I could make this happen, please send me a PM!

In a RED Mood? Try Red Shock Spells SE! (Not compatible with this mod)