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This is simply a Pref INI, configured in advance for a slight better experience

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Know that you may need to change specific info in this ini.Example: I have a Titan X pascal, you will need to replace that with your own GPU type inside the INI for your own ENB experience, obviously tweak at your leisure.This was created and uploaded, due to the sole fact Skyrim crashes, do indeed can be fixed...But HDD that die, cannot, I prefer it be here for others to use than on a backup HDD or in google storage, where no one else gets to see what I am using.

I been streaming since 2014, shit content, and yet rarely do I share anything... lol

Times have changed, I'm now sharing my ini's and mods alike that you might see on my YouTube Channel.

As I have a personal follower mod, no one has ever seen and needs to work on my modding skills, and entirely to many ideas for modding that is seemingly annoying myself as I am done talking about, it is time to mod... lol

and hopefully, you appreciate the thought, and I hope you all do not experience your HDDs crashing as much as I have, and the amount of lost data... lol

Requested by Alex56115

Update 0-002. Just includes the document in case someone forgets and doesn't want to log back on to nexus to read this page. to save you more time.

Changes added to Text document reads as follows.

bUseTAA=0   this was on by default
fLightLODMaxStartFade=16500.0000 boost from 3500.0000
fLightLODStartFade=16000.0000 boost from 3500.0000
fLightLODRange=50000.0000 Not In Original INI
bUsePrecipitationOcclusion=1 This on in both but turn off for FPS
iAdapter=1 This is usually off...
iVSyncPresentInterval=0 Vsynv is on by default -_-;
it has been leading cause for most my games dying, all games..
iStoryManagerLoggingEvent=-1 orginally 0
uLargeRefLODGridSize=21 originally 11
[Particles]iMaxDesired=6000  for purtiness originally 750
fAutosaveEveryXMins=5.0000  Me being paranoid @[email protected]
fTreeLoadDistance=180500.0000  og 125000
Because I look to not see everything falling apart and textures purple goodness hoogabooga
fBlockMaximumDistance=250000.0000    og 100000
fBlockLevel0Distance=100000.0000    og 15000
fBlockLevel1Distance=180500.0000    og 25000
fSplitDistanceMult=1.500             og 0.5
[Trees]uiMaxSkinnedTreesToRender=200 normally 40

sorry keeps smashing text all together...


 remember to update with xLODGen.exe if you're going to keep @bUsePrecipitationOcclusion=1
Future mods will go here - Currently working on a follower and animation mods - But I am trying to learn how to use blender to create my own animations at the moment.

whoops, lol I just realize I just assume just everyone would know what to do with the file...

Head to File Explorer, Documents, My Games, Skyrim Special Edition, and then create a backup folder in this location, take your default Skyrimpref.ini  and place it into the said backup fold you just made.

open up the file with Winrar or 7zip, whichever you prefer, and drop it right in the Skyrim Special Edition folder, taking the old SkyrimPref.ini place.

For anyone, coming in new, who just has never modded skyrim.

Also know this works on both, low settings and Ultra settings, I have something I must confess, I have never actually done all the way before or installed ENBs really, but apparently, I just figured out really fast, I will show you all a video of my game, holy crap it has never looked this good nor have I ever ran on Ultra and not crashed... hmmm..  @[email protected]

You can see a Before and after, in video format, as if you don't trust me you can look at my YouTube @ Kiosu Batsu... lol

I have not done a LIVE stream yet, since those videos.. Everything looks damn awesome, was in the game just hovering in and out of bushes for five minutes going wtf, this looks to good..  someone has probably made a mod to make them look even more real, I am just... wtf.. xD

If you would like ini settings per settings, as wells a xLODGen recommendation per settings can either ask me for in post or my YouTube in comments.


Also know, that I am a legit Gameplay, reactionary/giveaway channel, for the last 7 years... I'm a real person, I did analytics and about 5000 people have viewed my channel...

know that in that time, people could of help me grow if they decide to, unfortunately, people have insane control issues especially about what they think you "should" be doing with your own content... lmfao

Between 2014-17 I was investing in bitcoin, had people subbed then before my money was stolen, someone could of won something.. =P

I'm just saying, no I will not tell you about I lost, because thinking about is getting me hot at the moment and I don't mean sexy hot.. lol..

But out of those views, I noticed that, 900 plus people proactively watch my channel, it says, about 1/4 of them watch anything completely and yet none of them sub but they sit around watching over 31-171 hours worth content a month, each, I'm not watching my own videos at that high of a rate or I wouldn't get to play games or stream or record  them.. lol... -_-;

and if that is confusing to you, mathematically that is, 5.7 hours watched a day...

Pretty sure I do not watch my own videos that much, some cringe and boring it is on purpose, lmao but at the same time... dammit, I have a stalker again, don't I, this is bullshit..

again with this crap...

Please ignore, but anyway..

and I would appreciate if you take the time to get to know me, before deciding I am a scammer in advancement, can I at least SCAM at least exactly one person first before I get that title, its been 7 years, lmao how about one of you allow me to scam you first after 1000 subs then. THEN you can call me a scammer... xD

Freaking people I swear.... lmao

and I am legitimately autistic, yet people say we are dumb...  

People are lazy enough, we do not need to be lazy when it comes to getting to know one another, it halts communication, that stops growth and then you don't get to actually genuinely know anything other than what you told yourself about someone else, and I watching this at a 90% at the moment.. lol


I do voice acting-ish, been doing since age 5, I can sound like the predator, I apparently can sound like a trap I eh I'm not sure if I am okay with voice modding trap voices for mods, especially for you guys... lol...

also and I didnt know this till April 1st 2021, there is no woman in this video at all.. and Iam doing all voices but exactly two people.. 

you have any requests asked me either here, my YouTube or Twitch or Twitter, depending on what it is, and I like the idea, might even get it for free. lol >_>;

You might want to turn the volume down... I have werewolf ears.. it is still loud to me at the lowest...