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Reconversion of the Lakeview Manor Enchanter's Tower into a Great Library. Enough space to store 495 books.

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Lakeview West Wing Great Library

Here we are ; This mod is a full reconversion of the Enchanter's Tower into a Library. I like to call it the "Great Library" because there is 13 bookshelves ready to store 495 books in total. (308 in the vanilla east wing Library). I also made some refreshments to the exterior.
I never builded the Enchanter's Tower before. And I always wanted to have the Library at the west side of Lakeview Manor for the view and keeping the east side free for the Armory. And I can tell you the view from the top of the west wing at dusk is quite beautiful !
I also noticed the roof of the west tower was kind of glitched (Look at pictures). I took advantage to fix this.


Very important : read this carefully before installing

There is a quite annoying bug in Skyrim that affect bookshelves. You may even have already experiencing it in your game. The "hungry bookshelf" bug. It can affect any bookshelf in Skyrim, vanilla or not. When you have already stored books on a shelf, if you click on "activate", all books stored can just disappear without explication, and the amount of book who can be stored in the shelf will be glitched (sometimes increase, sometimes decrease).
According to some research and players reports, this bug seems to have higher chances to happen in Hearhfire houses, and even more in Lakeview.
Indeed, when I was testing my mod, this bug happened very often.
I checked everything possible, this is not a bug from my mod. It's a bug from the game. (It also affect the vanilla east wing library).
However : The Unoffical Skyrim Special Edition Patch seems to have fixed this issue ; with the USSEP plugin enabled, the "hungry bookshelf" glitch never happened.
So, if you are not using Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, DO NOT use this mod. You have a very high chance to loose your books !

Here is the instructions to install :

-You must have the USSEP installed.
-Make a back-up save.
-You need to have already build the Enchanter's Tower, but not furnished it. If you already did, you must delete any furniture and items using the "disable" or "markfordelete" with the console command. Don't forget the stuff on the roof of the tower.
-Then exit and install the mod.
-Load your save, and go check if everything is in order.

-I strongly recommand you to take a few minutes after installing to test some of the bookshelves to see if you are not experiencing the bug explained above. Store a few books on random shelves, then re-enter the house and check if they are not bugged. I don't want you to loose your book collection !
As I said before, with USSEP enabled, I never had the glitch.


This mod is obviously not compatible with mods who makes any changes to the Enchanter's Tower. It may also conflict with mods who modify the Lakeview Manor interior. Always make a back-up save before installing a new mod.

This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by ZeniMax or its affiliates.